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Small Businesses Look Like Big Businesses Using the Cloud — Weekly Blog Post Round Up

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 5 June 2012

Many small business owners don't even realize they're using the cloud to do business. They may use email in the cloud, social media in the cloud, and might even do banking in the cloud and not understand that they are already, using cloud based apps.

Many small business owners jump right in with both feet quickly adopting new technologies, eager to save money and offer new services to their clients. Some small business owners act a little slower, and are uneasy about trusting someone else with their and their clients' private information and data.

Becoming educated about the realities of cloud computing can help dispel myths and irrational fears. Read the following blog posts to get a good overview of why your small business should embrace cloud computing.

  • Small Business Apps Ecosystem - A great post that discusses all the various kinds of cloud-based apps small business owners can use to run their business more efficiently at less cost than traditional hard copy software. The infographic is amazing and informative showing exactly what small businesses are using making their budgets stretch with enterprise level cloud-based apps.

  • Why Your Small Business Should Adopt Cloud Computing - A great post that gives a perfect overview of what cloud computing is, the benefits of cloud computing, and why a small business should use the cloud. One reason mentioned is that a small business owner can access information from anywhere, using any device. I have to agree that this is one major reason why I love cloud based applications to help me run my small freelance business.

  • Leverage The Cloud To Compete - I had to read this post because it's one of the main reasons I started using cloud-based applications before it was popular. I was an early adopter of online banking, online shopping, and online business tools. I truly believe that a sole proprietor small business owner can leverage the cloud to compete with big business to amazing results.

  • Six Types Of Cloud Computing - An informative blog post that discusses the six types of cloud computing, such as web-based cloud services, software as service, platform as service, utility cloud services, managed services and service commerce. Even though I don't necessarily agree with the terms the writer used, it gives a good description of the different types of cloud based applications you can employ for your small business.

To be sure, for many small business owners doing business in the cloud is a huge change, one fraught with fear, worry, and misconceptions but once those issues are overcome, only opportunity exists for the small businesses that make the leap.

The saying the "sky is the limit" takes on a whole new meaning for all small businesses.

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