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Why Startups Are Crazy About Cloud Apps

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 26 June 2012

When you consider what small businesses are concerned about during startup, you can quickly see why startups are crazy about cloud apps.

Startups are most worried about cutting costs while delivering topnotch service or products to their customers. Thankfully, with the advent of software accessible via the cloud, it is completely possible for a small startup to have access to enterprise level software.

It used to be that only large businesses could afford to layout huge sums of money to either have the software developed, or to purchase the rights to it could afford to invest in enterprise level software.

They often had to make do with other methods not as productive as specialized software.

Today, a small business can look like a big business and a startup can get started on the right track.

The Reasons Startups Are Crazy About The Cloud

Because Of The Extensive Variety Of Software

Today, there are so many different types of software that businesses can use that are cloud-based. From project management, to bookkeeping, to plain old word processing, many software applications are accessible via the cloud.

A small business can essentially run their entire business with cloud-based computer applications. Startups can create an entire enterprise, completely with cloud-based software. There is no limit to the kinds of software that a startup can have access to via the cloud.

Due To Less Storage Needs & Fewer IT Expenses

Cloud based software eliminates the need for a large amount of local storage space. No need to invest in onsite servers and data centers when a small business can use the software creators space and storage. In addition, due to the fact that the monthly fee covers upgrades and the expertise of IT professionals, a startup will spend less money and resources on software. And they can also use the cloud for backups and archival.

Because Of The Flexibility & Affordability

The software is used as if it's right on your local computer. But, you can also use it from other devices, and from any location, and increase or decrease as your needs fluctuate. In addition, it's highly affordable because instead of investing in development, buying the rights to the software outright, or buying more than you need, the startup essentially rents the software month to month. Due location flexibility, size adaptability, and the affordability factor, many startups prefer to use cloud-based applications not just at startup but year after year.

Because It's Safe & Secure

It hasn't always been the case that the cloud was all that safe. But, due to the proliferation of cloud-based software, cloud service providers have had to crack down on security. The complexity, and sheer amount of data being stored in the cloud, and accessed through the cloud via a variety of devices, has been the catalyst for IT departments everywhere to improve safety and security for their users.

The fact is, most of the time, due to the continuing hardening of security, when using a reliable cloud based service your data is more secure than it would be on your own computers.

This list of popular cloud apps for startups can save you a lot of time.