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Storage Solutions in the Cloud for Small Businesses — Round Up

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 13 July 2012

It's clear that small businesses need get rid of the file cabinet and implement a data storage system. That cloud-based storage solutions will them them save time, money and effort.

It's important to define storage needs before choosing a data storage solution, as well as to define the difference between storage and back up.

Storage can be simply a place in the cloud where your files reside if you put them there, or it can be done automatically. In some cases this may cause multiple instances of the file, if you're not paying action.

With most automatic backup systems, they back up whatever files you choose on a regular basis, including any changes that have been made to the data. This is more likely to result in only one copy of the file instead of multiple instances.

These are posts from around the net discuss this very issue. Check out the posts below by clicking on the title after you've read the description.

Automate Your Dropbox

One of my favorite solutions is Dropbox. It's simple to understand and easy to use. Plus, there are a variety of tools that you can use to make it more automated. This is a post that was written recently to explain how you can automate your Dropbox backups using the Wappwolf Automator service. I don't have this service myself, but since I do use my Kindle a lot I just may give it a try. You can also use it for Google Docs, Google Drive,, Evernote, and Facebook.

If your use case os to send automatically your pictures to a Drobox folder you can also check this free sync service from Tarpipe.

Don't Forget To Backup

A wonderful blog about the importance of backing up. Hard drives break and disasters happen often without any warning at all. If you're one of those small business owners who still doesn't back up or store any of your critical information off-site, read this and then come back here and choose a good cloud storage solution so you don't have to suffer.

Buh-Bye iDisk- SugarSync is Your Replacement

SugarSync is one of GetApp's favorite backup and synching cloud based services, and today we're talking about this topic, I had to include a direct blog from SugarSync since some of you may not be aware that iDisk is going away, and that you need a replacement. This is one that we highly recommend, and their explanation about how to use SugarSync in this blog is easy to follow and understand.

Six Things Google Drive Must Do To Compete With Dropbox, Apple's iCloud, Microsoft Cloud, and Box

We've all heard of Google Drive, and we might even be using it, but we know it has its detractors. Listing the drawbacks of the service regarding integration, and the low space free account is valid. Hopefully Google is reading.

Is Your Data Really Safe In The Cloud? - Tips from Nicole Black, Legal Technology Expert

Finally some fabulous expert advice from our own blog regarding the safety of your data in the cloud. She gives many great tips, as well as makes you consider the legal ramifications of putting client data in the cloud and how to do it safely.


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