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Posting Jobs & Applicant Tracking Made Easy and Affordable – Review of TalentDesk

by Michele Nachum
Published on 15 January 2013

Today many small to mid-sized businesses and independent recruiters are struggling to find the right software for their recruiting efforts. If you are a small to mid-sized company that is growing, chances are you are actively recruiting - but frankly if you do not have a large HR department, getting your hiring activities organized and to a certain extent automated is a must have, not a need to have.

TalentDesk Review

TalentDesk is one such "in-the-cloud" recruiting software that allows companies to track applicants, post jobs to multiple platforms, manage candidates and more.

TalentDesk is an easy-to-use recruitment management platform that helps companies organize and better manage their hiring and recruiting strategies. The online solution is relatively affordable and takes very little training yet has all the major features you need to post jobs, review resumes, rate candidates and track your hiring process. You can create a job portal on your company website that allows you to use the software to your advantage. If you already have a job portal, you can use TalentDesk for pushing resumes and applicants to your current solution as well.

What Does it Look Like

TalentDesk has an easy-to-navigate interface that makes it very simple to get started once you sign up. A ribbon at the right of the screen will help you determine what the first steps are. I believe the best way to start is to first determine how you will use TalentDesk. For example, if you need to establish a job board or "Careers" page on your company website, the TalentDesk job widget allows you to cut and paste code into your own company website and do just that.

Posting Jobs

TalentDesk promotes the fact that they will help you reach out to more than a thousand job boards including Indeed, Simply Hired, Glassdoor and more. That said, in actuality, TalentDesk will send your job posting to the 30 most popular job boards and job aggregators, and those sites will typically re-distribute your job to thousands of other boards such as SimplyHired, Indeed, and Juju to thousands of other job boards.

Posting jobs is a simple and quick process. Once you click on "post jobs" you can type in your job title and description and then TalentDesk will send your post out to the job boards with one click. All job postings will be listed on your dashboard so you can keep track of what you send out.

A neat way to weed out people not qualified for the position is that you can also set up screening questions that can help determine more quickly if an applicant is right for the job. If they cannot answer the questions like "must speak Spanish or know HTML 5.0″ then you can more quickly disqualify the applicant.

Applicant Tracking, Rating and Categorizing

Depending on how many job openings you have and the number of candidates who apply, TalentDesk will help you store the resumes and let you search job applications to quickly find the Candidates you want to interview. Your dashboard will help you keep track of your Candidates, Job Postings, and recent applications you reviewed.

You have several options for receiving resumes. In addition to reviewing applications online, you can have TalentDesk email you all the applicants once a day or every time a resume comes in. If you are already using an ATS or Career Portal, you can have the resumes pushed into those existing systems.

Like many recruiting applications, TalentDesk offers tools for rating your candidates so you can more easily determine which applicants you want to interview or have another colleague review. You can also mark their status so you can keep track of their progress as well as quickly find the ones that are truly qualified for your jobs (and reject those that might not meet the qualifications). You can mark applicants as "new," "interviewed," "rejected," and more.

As you get more candidates into your system, you can also store them and send them to colleagues for review. As such, TalentDesk allows you to invite colleagues to log into TalentDesk so that they too can look at a candidate's resume to determine if they want to interview the applicant and so on. You can also email candidates' resumes to your management and co-workers as well.

Social Media

Social Recruiting is increasingly becoming a major source of quality applicants. TalentDesk is integrated with all major social media sites and you can automatically post your jobs to your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can also ask that visitors to your job portal "like" your postings on Facebook to help get the word out about your job availabilities.

Will it Fit Your Budget?

Pricing begins at $55 per month which allows you to post up to three active jobs at a time. All pricing plans allow unlimited candidates and user accounts, and also include access to a large resume databases (the number of resumes you can view depends on your subscription level). Depending on the size of your company and how many jobs you post at once, you can pay $99 per month for 15 active jobs at a time; $139 for 50 active jobs or at $249 a month, you can have up to 100 active jobs at a time. There are no contracts or commitments, and you can cancel at any time.

Is it for You?

TalentDesk is an easy-to-use applicant tracking system for companies that hire on a regular basis. For those that only hire a few employees per year, this may be a bit robust though you could certainly use the application at the lowest subscription level for a short period of time since it is only a month-to-month commitment. That said, for companies that continually hire, TalentDesk is a nice solution for posting jobs and tracking applicants. This is not as feature-rich as I have seen with other hiring solutions but do not think it is meant to be. I believe that TalentDesk is designed to include all the basic hiring and rating tools - at a much lower cost and without a lot of fuss of massive training.


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