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Investors Continue to Show Faith in the ‘Age of the Customer’

by Jennifer Riggins
Published on 12 June 2014

TeamSupport-customer-support-softwareWe've already talked about the continued increasing urgency to provide fantastic customer support now. There's no excuse. It's not something extra you offer to premium clients. No matter your business, if you don't offer top-notch customer support at every stage of interaction, your business is doomed to fail. We're convinced that trend will only continue. And we're not the only ones. More and more investors and stockholders are investing more and more money on their bets on the future of customer service. That's why it came to no surprise when TeamSupport customer support software announced this Wednesday that it had raised $1.25 million in funding to help grow its sales, marketing and own internal customer support team.

In the crowded marketplace of customer support software, with the likes of Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce's and many more, this investment doesn't just show that customer service has a solid future, it shows that there is still room to disrupt the industry with fierce competitors like TeamSupport. While these help desk software giants offer integrated umbrella solutions, building cloud-based niches might be a way to do just that.

Texas-based TeamSupport works to compete by focusing on perfecting its solution just for business-to-business technology companies, including household names like AT&T, Comcast and Walmart. This help desk application not only focuses on the tech niche, but even more zeroes in on a specialization to external-facing customer support.

TeamSupport's chief operating officer Eric Harrington says, "We're not trying to be everything to everyone. We are the solution for B2B technology companies. It's what we know, and where we come from, and we do it very well."

This seems to be just the ticket (couldn't resist a little help desk pun there) as TeamSupport was self-funding and thriving before this first North American funding round.

"Customer support is a huge and growing space, and we are seeing massive growth in the demand for software like TeamSupport, which solves very real needs for B2B software and technology companies," said TeamSupport CEO Robert C. Johnson. "With this funding round we're excited to be increasing our sales and marketing budgets and expanding our customer support team with additional agents, dedicating more resources to quality assurance, and creating a new customer success team."

See? Even the customer support industry is obsessed with customer success! But remember, you can automate your customer relationships as much as you want, but you still have to work on fostering just that… a relationship.

Tell us, how do YOU provide great customer service?

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