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Ten Best Twitter Apps for Small Businesses

by Christophe Primault
Published on 25 February 2011

It is not easy for a small company or a freelancer to make business sense out of Twitter!

How to manage Tweets, know who to follow, build lists, have a single view of all the conversation that relate to your business or simply manage your company account across different people?

In addition to our monthly list of Top Business Apps , here is a short list of the Best Twitter Apps to manage the Twitter jungle efficiently.

Overall Best App:

Hootsuite Best tool to track Twitter activities

Does a great job at tracking what tweets you have seen, RT your go-to people, management of feeds, lists and mentions, tweet-scheduling, multi-platform posting and has powerful analytics, It is the only web-based client that lets you filter your Twitter timeline by Klout score. It integrates well with FaceBook and Google Analytics

Runners up:

SproutSocial Best social media dashboard

Very comprehensive overall social media management tools for business. Any mall businesses can manage their entire social media presence from a single, intuitive platform. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and more…

SocialOomph Best automation tool

This is THE app to be more productive with Twitter. You can set up rules to automatically welcome a new follower (be careful no everybody likes this and it is considered as spam by many Twitter users), receive automatic email alerts for mentions of interest, stop following people that stop following you and much more

Cotweet Best for Brand management

It will track and analyze conversations about your brand across Twitter and Facebook. It also very useful if you have multiple people managing your company account

Seesmic Best for multiple accounts management

Good for managing multiple accounts across multiple devices and for overall monitoring of account activity and mentions. Especially good on Android devices.

Tweello Best directory of Twitter accounts

Ideal to identify the categories to associate your account. You build an extended bio to present your company. It covers hundreds of categories and has strong search features to help you find people who matter to you.

OneForty Best for searching new Twitter Apps

Simply the bible of Twitter applications.

Streamie Best for consuming lots of Tweets

Real-time curation tool that runs in your web browser and only shows information that is absolutely needed.

ManageFilter Best for actively managing your followers

Recommends people you should follow, and those that should stop following!

TwitlQ Best for ease of use

Simple Twitter client to manage multiple accounts and customize Tweet streams. Good analytics.

You can check other Twitter apps or business Apps that have a strong Twitter integration such as Assistly for Help Desk, DemandSpot for lead generation or CoWorkers for professional feedback from your peers.

Twitter is a huge universe where you can waste a lot of time. These apps are much needed to use Twitter and other social media in a productive way.

Would love to hear your own experience. Do you think you are managing Twitter efficiently? Can you measure direct benefits to your bottom line? Can you hear interesting people through the noise? What other apps are you using that make Twitter a good tool to support your small business ? What are your favorite web-based applications for business?