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The 2 Best Alternatives to FreeAgent Accounting Application

by Christophe Primault
Published on 2 October 2012

Accounting is a chore that most business owners and freelancers can't avoid. Whether, for example you want to automate your online store on eBay with an accounting app, or if you just want to send simple invoices now and then, automation can improve your productivity. Even the most simple tasks go so much faster if you use an accounting app.

FreeAgent is an online accounting software which is specifically designed for small business owners and freelancers. Some of its features include invoice creation, expenses management and payment tracking. If you find that FreeAgent doesn't fully meet your needs, there are other solid alternatives available.

Thinking Woman


If you have never heard of Xero before, this will change your life. Xero is an award-winning accounting software created especially for small businesses and freelancers and is famous for its outstanding usability and integration possibilities.

Who should use Xero?

Chris Bliss from VM Associates brings it to the point when defining in his Xero review for GetApp as follows "If you're a DIY'er small business owner, your invoicing, AP, payroll and more can all now live under the same (cloud based) roof. If you're an accountant managing multiple books, you now don't have to deal with whatever crap you were using. Use Xero instead. It's better." He also gives Kudos to Xero's support which is "helpful and honest" and commends its pricing.

"Xero may be the perfect fit for a trades-person who hates bookkeeping, doesn't understand GST and wants to bill clients on the move." Veechi Curtis, business consultant and author of "Bookkeeping for Dummies" and many other business titles.

Zoho Books

What would the world be like without Zoho? Probably very sad… ! Zoho Books is a well-known accounting application and users just love it because of its completeness.

Who should use Zoho Books?

"Most companies place a finance tool at the top of the purchase list for business applications. Zoho Books caters to companies that want an on-line bookkeeping tool but may need additional applications for other parts of their business. Zoho Books is standalone application, but is part of the Zoho Platform , which has over twenty other business applications. This means that companies using Zoho Books for accounting have the option to buy CRM, project management, recruiting, ticket management and support applications to fulfil their needs. This is ideal for any company that needs to manage its growth", describes Keean Persaud in an independent analyst review by Eval Source.

For users of Zoho CRM, Zoho Books is the perfect complement "since Zoho CRM is free for up to three users, both systems can be used for just the price of the Zoho Books monthly subscription price. The combination of this functionality makes Zoho Books a full financial management software tool for small businesses."

Side-by-side Comparison Of The Three Accounting Solutions:


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