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The 4 Best Quora Threads for Recruiters

by Christophe Primault
Published on 1 February 2013

It is no secret that large companies such like Microsoft get around 50,000 resumes per week. There is no doubt that they have an established process and software to review the candidates and only show those that are a good fit. However, also small companies need to spend some time thinking about how they want to organize their applicant tracking or HR chores in general. At GetApp we are big fans of Quora and we made a research on the most interesting Quora threads for recruiters that we want to share with you.

A Summary of Great HR Threads on Quora

1) Will Free Recruiting Software Dominate the Use of Recruiting Software by Small and Medium Size Businesses Within the Next Two Years?

Best Answers:

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"We pay around $50 monthly for Recruiterbox. Since we need some level of functionality for the process to be effective, I would be wary of a completely free system as it doesn't hold the ATS company accountable for what they do and do not provide. Thus far, I am happy with Recruiterbox."

"Free software is great for simple, straightforward applications. But for more complex systems like Applicant Tracking I would be very wary of a free system. Even if you get all the functionality you need, I guarantee you won't be able to get the support you need. Besides, there are some very good ATS products on the market with affordable starting plans"

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Some more recruting software solutions to explore:



2) What Kind of People will be Hired by the Enterprises in 2020?

Best Answer:

"There is no one sentence answer to this question - I can see that high IQ and high EQ, combined with a high degree of ability to be "social' as an employee - sharing, teaming, cross collaboration etc are going to be in great demand. Also, employees who demonstrate passion, strengths and mastery on subjects that interest them and those who have moved around diferent jobs by following their passions and strengths are going to be high in demand. Basically, look at what you really are strong at and what are you passionate about, and look for experiences ( jobs, roles etc) that build on it. In a few years, subject matter mastery will be a prerequisite to apply for the best jobs, just having X years of experience won't cut it. Combine this with a work style that is inherently social and base it on a foundation of your strengths and talent - you will be invaluable."

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3) What are the Best Human Resource SaaS Applications that Leverage Web 2.0 Technology?

Best Answer:

"Sonar6 - Employee skill set development. - Recruitment and talent pool management. Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Recruitment and talent pool management. PeopleMatter - Recruitment and people-management functions in service industries (ex: restaurants and convenience stores) Evolv - Science-based talent software that matches applicants to job types based on behaviors, motivation, and work style.

We were certainly inspired by Facebook,, Workday, Yammer, Twitter and other leading enterprise and consumer apps."

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More SaaS HR Software:

Online Payroll by Intuit


(Employee self service HR and admin)

4) What Are the Good Ways to Evaluate the Best Candidates Out of Tons of Resumes?

Best Answers:

"Separating resumes can be a tedious task but you can not afford a lack of enthusiasm less you miss out on a great candidate. Pending on how many resumes you are taking (100's) and how often you are advertising for the jobs. ( daily , weekly.) It would be work you spending some money on a good ATS ( applicant tracking system) This way you can set defined parameters for the candidates. eg, Drivers licence. education, certificates ect.

If this is going to be a irregular thing you doing you will first need to define the must haves. try and find 2-5 of these that you can look at the first page of a resume and get you answer Yes or No. Then move on to the second stage 2-5 new questions that you would like you applicants to have. again get an answer Yes or No, by the end of this you will be down to a manageable number or resumes that you can take the time to read through."

"The best way of evaluating the best candidates out of tons of resumes or CVs is to include the employer-client and multiple consultants in any recruitment agency in the applicant tracking process. You'd be surprised just how many recruitment agencies fail to include an extranet in their service offering to allow their clients to exclude any resumes, among other things."

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