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The Most Interesting Quora Threads About Business Intelligence

by Christophe Primault
Published on 13 February 2013

Business Intelligence is a buzzword that is being used frequently by bloggers and bigger companies in the last weeks and months. Many small business owners show hesitation when it comes to deploying business intelligence solutions due to a lack of knowledge of what BI exactly is and whether it is important for them or not. We have researched some of the most interesting business intelligence conversations on Quora that will be helpful if you are seeking a start in business intelligence.

A Summary of Great Business Intelligence Threads on Quora

1) What is the best "business intelligence" system for a small and midsize enterprise that can deliver analysis in iPad?

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Tableau Software

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2) What is the future of business intelligence?

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"I've spent a lot of time thinking about the future of BI. It's come a long way since the BI platform I wrote a few years ago on top of a relational database. I've been doing a deep dive into this area over the past year, here are my picks for major trends in BI's future:

BI will become more entity-centric. Right now entity identification and resolution is a very high-end and little-used function. It is mostly the domain of bank fraud and government intelligence. As more and more data sources come online this will become increasingly important as a core part of the BI stack. Which leads me to…

The BI stack will become more modularized. For example, with Cassandra (database), HBase, and a variety of closed-source data stores available now, there is no reason for BI software to reinvent the storage wheel. Conversely, business- and vertical-specific analysis functions will command a premium as out-of-the-box functionality that works on top of the rest of the stack to add real value. One interesting module which will become popular is…

Real-time deep analysis. By real-time deep analysis, I mean answers to complex business questions that require answers from several different data sources, often acquired in real-time. Example: a customer registers, and deep analysis jobs are instantly fired to retrieve data from local and remote systems and stream it to you as it comes back.

Relevant data will find you, not vice versa. Business intelligence will fade into the background and act more as a service that brings interesting and relevant items to your attention (in your social network stream, for example) rather than an application you fire up to find something out.

BI will become personalized. Reports are developed once and used by many today simply because too many technical resources are required to personalize them. The hard limits of a "report" will fade away and be replaced by personalized data presentations showing the data you like to see in the format you like to see it in.

Data pedigree will become increasingly important. As the software improves and feeds you better and more timely information, it will become easier to act on it. As governments and corporations increasingly use data to automate information discovery which is used to fuel policy and law enforcement decisions, data accuracy and sourcing will be extremely critical. Wrong information has and will continue to result in mistaken identities (…), beauracratic nightmares (, erroneous arrests, and could very well be a matter of life and death (thinking of drone attacks on suspected terrorist hideouts, for example). Data pedigree and history will become very important. I suspect there will regulations around this requiring some sort of data verification mechanism or some other nonsense. In any case, this will become a key and probably required module of every BI stack."

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3) What is the most simple BI tools to get started with?

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4) What is the best, reasonably priced business intelligence application?

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Zoho Reports



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