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A More Efficient Way to Manage Your Subscriptions — Review of Think Subscription

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 7 November 2012

THINK Subscription review Think Subscription is a subscription management service offered to companies that have subscriptions for their services or products. If you run a company that has a large number of customers or clients who subscribe to your various products or services, you will find benefits to using the service Think Subscription provides you. Some of the subscriptions you can manage include those from newsletters, memberships, e-books, metered usage, magazines, pay-per-view, archives, services, CD, software downloads, online services, and directories.

Improved Subscription Management And Billing

The subscription management system provided by Think Subscription includes advanced software solutions and billing solutions for all of your subscription needs. Think Subscription has been in the subscription business for more than 20 years and is PCI level 1 certified. They have multiple subscription models and tailor each service to your business models. With Think Subscription you can increase your return on investment by improving your subscription billing process and being able to improve the subscription life-cycle events. Many options and benefits are provided by Think Subscription and the management tools. No matter what type of subscription products or services you sell, you can find benefits to utilizing Think Subscription's software and tools

Offer Your Customers More Payment Options With Think Subscription

Think Subscription is beneficial to any business that sells or provides their customers with subscriptions. With Think Subscription services, you will keep your business on the cutting edge with the advanced subscription tools and have one solution to help manage your business. Some of the feature you will receive with Think Subscription are billing and invoicing tools, a variety of billing and payment options for your customers, taking payment at point-of-sale, micro payments, flexible billing plans, selling your subscriptions worldwide in any currency, calculating shipping, commission and tax fees, and giving your customers more options such as mailing in payments, paying with credit cards, credits, or direct debits.

Subscription Express And Think Enterprise

Another big benefit to choosing Think Subscription for your subscription billing and management needs is that you have two main solutions to choose from; Subscription Express and Think Enterprise. Both have similarities, such as being flexible and PCI certified, and many other advantages. These solutions are great for media and publishing subscriptions include niche business subscriptions. You will also be able to facilitate physical subscriptions like magazines, CD, journal, software downloads, e-books, whitepapers, directories, and newsletters. With THINK Enterprise, you get scalable models, total system control and robust subscription features. Subscription Express is great if you're looking for an SaaS hosted solution at a lower cost of ownership but is also PCI certified with a managed infrastructure.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

Once you receive your log-in details and get to your account management page, you will discover how streamlined and user-friendly Think Subscription is. From the first time you enter your account page, you will be able to navigate your account quickly and easily.

THINK subscription review

From your account page, you can view all of your recent orders with comprehensive details about each one. You will see when the order was placed, the ID, description and who placed the order.

THINK subscription review

To search for a customer, you can easily do so by clicking on "customer info" and entering their first or last name, address, customer number and email address.

THINK subscription review

To view a customer's info, click on the "Customer" tab and you will see everything from their addresses and personal information to how many current orders, promotion offers and renewal offers they have.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Think Subscription

As with any online service, the subscription management system by Think Subscription has advantages and disadvantages. When you first visit their website, you will notice a lack of sign-up information and pricing information. This is because the company asks you to sign up for a demo first so you can watch how it works. This is a disadvantage because it helps to know pricing before you even get that far.

However, there are numerous benefits as well. With Think Subscription, you get more than a management solution; you get an extensive system. This includes hosted services, implementation services, report writing services, data services, and THINK integration services.

System features include having multiple subscription models, email notifications, address cleaning, earned and deferred revenue, and payment integration. Additional benefits of Think Subscription include keeping your clients rather than finding new ones, developing long-term relationships with your subscribers, predicting your revenue stream, auto renewals and trials, different demographics and International currency support.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

Think Subscription does not list their pricing or membership options, therefore you will need to sign up for the demo in order to view what the software provides you, and get more information after the demo about pricing.

Is It For You?

If you're a company that sells digital or physical subscription products and services, it can be difficult to manage your customers, billing, and other details. Think Subscription goes a long way toward simplifying the entire process for you and giving you a cloud-based software program that allows you to access everything in one convenient location.

Ratings: ease of use 4/5, features 4/5, value 3.5/5 and ease of deployment 4/5