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Clock and Roll: Time Tracking Apps That Work With QuickBooks

by Rhiân Davies
Published on 14 June 2017

time tracking apps that work with quickbooks

Keeping on top of all business processes can feel like spinning plates. Just when you think you've mastered the art of accounting, you realize that your employee scheduling reports are completely out of sync with your payroll records. What gives?

However, an integration between your accounting app and a time clock and attendance solution can iron out these kinks in the accounting process. If you're a QuickBooks user, then help is at hand. QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting tools on the market, which also integrates with many time clock and attendance apps to help:

  • Eliminate human calculation errors made with traditional timecards, which can impact accounting processes
  • Reduce inefficiency and wasted time, leading to financial savings
  • Simplify payroll processes.

To help you decide which solution might fit your business best, we've searched through our user reviews to find the some of the best time tracking apps that work with QuickBooks.

Time tracking apps that work with QuickBooks

When I Work Scheduling

When I Work Scheduling is a staff scheduling, time tracking, communication, and attendance app which is highly optimized for mobile. Its integration with QuickBooks allows users to sync employee hours with pay periods to enable rapid payroll processing.

Key features of When I Work Scheduling:

  • Drag and drop interface for scheduling
  • Text alerts, group text, and two-way texting
  • Time clock available on mobile
  • Clock-in/out alerts
  • Schedule templates.

Says one reviewer,

"When I Work had made scheduling so much easier for both me and my staff. My staff loves seeing their schedule from the WIW app, loves being able to clock in and out from their phones, and with the safety precautions WIW has to ensure people clocking in or out offsite are tagged, it makes everything a breeze. Integrations with QuickBooks Online and ZenPayroll are magical, and it's so easy for my staff to put in Drop Shift and Shift Swap requests, and for me to quickly see (and approve) them. Thank you for the payroll and budgeting features! They have been great!"

Check out other reviews of When I Work Scheduling. is a time tracking app that offers the ability to track hours worked and project time, with additional functionality to track time against contractors, customers, jobs, service items, and payroll items when integrated with QuickBooks.

Key features of

  • Overtime control
  • Accruals tracking
  • Photo timestamps
  • Customizable reports
  • Expense management.

Says one reviewer,

"Joel [from Quickbooks] was awesome, His help was thorough and complete. walked me through setup and integration to Quickbooks. This will save a lot of double entry from timesheets to quickbooks".

Another reviewer says,

"Timesheets is so easy to use. Its very dependable and easy to export to QuickBooks. The reports are detailed and you can go back as far as you need to in time".

While this reviewer says,

"This program has solved SO many problems for us! We manage a hotel remotely and there were definitely some shenanigans going on with hours and overtime. By implementing the photo stamp clock in/out feature, we now have 100% accurate hours for each employee. If a change needs to be made, we get a notification and can approve/deny the record immediately. It is easy to monitor time - the reporting is fabulous! AND IT IMPORTS HOURS INTO QUICKBOOKS!! My most DREADED task was entering everyone's hours…now with a few clicks of a button, everything imports and totals. Also, customer support is SUPER helpful - no long wait times, always call back promptly and they're all pretty cheerful. I recommend this program to ANYONE who needs a time clock."

Check out other reviews of is an employee time clock that integrates with QuickBooks to sync employee hours and time cards.

Key features of

  • Timecard approvals
  • Fingerprint clock-in
  • Customizable punch rules
  • Absence tracking
  • Drag and drop interface.

One reviewer says,

"This program has truly changed my life and made it so easy to keep track of hours and export to Quickbooks where we do our payroll! I highly recommend this service, affordable and loving the new app so that my employees who work remote can punch in/out as well as keep track of their hours! Any problems-which have been very few, I have had no problems getting a hold of someone to help and very friendly!! Thanks so much- this makes business owners (and employees) lives a little easier to manage with so many other things we have to do!!!"

Another reviewer says,

"Since we started using this software it has made payroll a much easier job. Not having to order a time clock nor time cards saves us money and having digital records saves space", and lists the 'pro' of using the software as being able to "Download time cards into Quickbooks".

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VeriClock is an employee time tracking tool that allows employees to clock in and out on their mobile devices, offers GPS tracking, and easily integrates with QuickBooks, allowing users to auto-fill weekly time cards.

Key features of VeriClock:

  • Customizable reports
  • Multi-device clock in/out
  • Real time reporting
  • Job costing
  • Digital signatures

GetApp reviewer Josie Martin says,

"We love Vericlock and recommend it to all of our business associates with employees. Not only does it save us time but it also helps us stay organized. Integration with Quickbooks is a huge bonus".

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If you're looking for more options, you can check out a further list of time tracking apps that work with QuickBooks.


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