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Keep Better Track of Billable Time — Review of Time Cockpit

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 28 December 2012

Time Cockpit ReviewKeeping track of time spent for billing is a necessary, but often irritating and complicated task.

As a freelancer, I have some projects that are billed at an hourly basis. To do this I must keep track of my time in a way that works for me, as well as my client.

time cockpit says it has made the process easy to use and painless. Let's take a look.

Complicated Time Tracking Software Means Spending Time Trying to Track Work Instead of Working

One exciting feature is that time cockpit helps put an end to missing entries and overlapping jobs in the same time-frame. You get valid entries that help you and your organization figure out where your time is spent. Instead of lists, you have a simple Outlook-like graphical calendar view. You don't have to guess how you spend time to fill a missing gap because it has an activity tracker that keeps track of your computer activities.

Easy to Input, Easy to Analyze Time Tracking

Small or large organizations can benefit from this easy to use time tracking tool. Employees like the activity tracker, Windows based, that keeps a record of their computer work so they don't have to guess. Managers like the graphical interface makes it simple to check where time is spent. time cockpit lets you integrate information with Outlook and Excel quickly.

Simple but Sophisticated Time Tracking for your Company

time cockpit is easy for the user. The activity manager records your work on the computer. And, no worries, it's not Big Brother, you can turn it off and on. If you are working off-line, it will hold the information and automatically synchronize it next time you are online. If you need to shift to a different computer, you can access the platform online with your name and password.

For administrators, the graphical interface and color formatting make it simple to get an overview of where time is spent and planned vs. actual hours. All information is customizable and templates are easy to create. It's easy to add team members and to export information to Microsoft Excel. The data grid lets you create reports of all types and create invoices.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

The graphical interface makes it easy to see where you are spending your time.

Time Cockpit Review

Use drag and drop to change the time and duration of tasks.

Time Cockpit Review

It works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook.

Time Cockpit Review

The activity tracker keeps a record of your computer work automatically.

Time Cockpit Review

Use color formatting to get an at-a-glance idea of how your work week is going.

Time cockpit review

Easy to Use by Workers and Managers

time cockpit provides a clean, easy-to-use graphical interface for workers and administrators to manage time tracking from beginning, task entry, to end, invoicing the client. It seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Excel. Work online and it keeps track of time automatically. Offline it will record information and update data when you are next online. On a different computer you can access the platform easily. Time tracking is simplified so you get accurate information about where time is spent in your business.

While PCs are fully supported, it is not a natural platform for the Mac since it uses Microsoft Windows Azure Platform. While this is an excellent platform, today with teams working on the go using a variety of platforms it might be limiting to some companies.

Help is provided via chat and online contact form.

Will it Fit your Budget?

time cockpit offers a free 30-day trial requiring no credit card. If you continue, you are charged monthly, calculated per user per day.

Is It For You?

If you use PCs and want simple, multi-function time tracking software that makes it easy to enter data and figure out where your time is spent, time cockpit is a good choice.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 4/5 and ease of deployment 4/5


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