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TimeOffManager Review – Keep Track of Employees Leave

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 27 February 2013

tom-logoKeeping track of who is off work, how much time each employee has used and the vacation schedule for the business year is complicated. So is keeping everyone happy about time off, from workers to managers.

TimeOffManager says it has organized this tricky part of business life. Let's take a look in this TimeOffManager review.

Who is Taking Off Too Often?

One of the knotty problems that every business has to deal with is who is abusing the time off policy. Managing sick leave and vacation time with all the attendant data is confusing. Without a clear record, people can take advantage of the system. With an organized set up, managers can effectively plan around time off and employees are more likely to comply with company policy.

Save Time and Money, Reduce Errors.

TimeOffManager works for small, medium and large companies. It's a cloud-based attendance management system that reduces how much time you spend tracking time off. It makes it easy for employees to request time using their own log-in, and simple for managers to see at a glance who is off at any given time. Large businesses like Honeywell and Sony Computer are using TimeOffManager.

Easy to Use and Customize.

Employees request time off online, managers approve or reject them online and email is used to convey information, saving time and effort. It is easy to customize different types of time off, adding holidays or labeling certain days off limits. You can set particular requirements for each employee. It keeps track of sick leave, vacation and other balances for each worker.

It is simple to track how many requests an employee has made and how much time off in each category he has taken. Employees can see their totals at a glance. The software makes it impossible to request time if they have used it all. Managers can check absenteeism easily and see at a glance how much vacation is being taken any given day or week.

It integrates with iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook. Each employee can be set up with a personalized calendar year; allotted time off can be prorated. You can track specific metrics; for example, if an employee has taken more than a certain number of sick days in a row.

The Basics: What Does it Look Like?

The dashboard shows you how much time is being taken off each day, week or month and by whom.


The form requesting time off is complete and easy to read.


You can customize how you view information, types of time off, special days and other metrics.


You can easily define specific types of days off


Your employee's request is complete, easy to fill out and includes his personal balances.


You can get a monthly report of time off grouped in different ways, for example by types of users, by types of time off and by dates. TimeOffTypes

It is easy to check an individual's time off and balances.

Organize and Manage Time Off

TimeOffManager can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend keeping track of employees' time off requests and balances. With the ease of a web browser your workers can make requests and check balances. Managers can respond just as easily. Errors are reduced or eliminated with everyone working from the same set of information. It is simple to customize and since it is cloud-based, there is nothing to install.

There are several steps you need to run through in order to set up your company's plan. It can be tedious but only has to be done once. It is important to get the right information in at the beginning so that policies are correct.

Support is offered in a FAQ, with an online contact form and by phone.

Will it Fit Your Budget?

The free plan is for companies with up to three employees. If you have more employees, you can try it out without charge for 15 days, no credit card required. If you continue, you have a choice of six monthly subscription plans based on the number of users.

Is it For You?

If you want to bring a sense of organization and clarity to employee attendance, TimeOffManager is a good choice. it is comprehensive, customizable and will reduce the time and effort you put into scheduling and tracking your workers' vacation and sick leave.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 4/5 and ease of deployment 3.5/5


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