Top 2010 Cloud Stories – How Will It Impact Your Business?

Top 2010 Cloud Stories – How Will It Impact Your Business?

by Christophe Primault
Published on 3 December 2010

Throughout the course of year there were multiple Cloud stories and news that will affect most of our businesses in a way or another, short term or in the future. In no particular order, here are GetApp's Top 2010 Cloud news and stories. A mix of predictions, vendor stories and industry trends but the ones that will really matter for your business, now or tomorrow.

Cloud computing will surpass the Internet in importance

Professor Mike Nelson, a well-respected university professor at Georgetown University said at a the World Future Society conference in Boston that the Cloud will surpass the web in importance. You can read the full story from

CA spends $1 billion in Cloud acquisition in just over a year

CA made six cloud-focused acquisitions, it included Arcot Systems an advanced authentication and fraud prevention player, 4Base a cloud computing infrastructure and virtualization consulting firm, Nimsoft a developer of IT performance and system availability monitoring technology, 3Tera a private cloud platform, Oblicore a service level management software and Cassatt maker of cloud computing software that makes data centers more efficient.

SaaS is eating traditional software's lunch

The software market is going through its massive shift ever. According to IDC, the SaaS market is growing six times faster than traditional software. While the market for perpetual licensed software dropped $7 billion in 2009, the SaaS market is expected to grow 26 percent on an annual rate in the next four years.

You will soon live in the Cloud and not anymore on the desktop

The majority of technology experts responding to a recent Pew Research Center survey believe that cloud computing will be more dominant than the desktop by the end of the decade.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison changes his tune about Cloud computing

At Oracle's OpenWorld conference when Ellison unveiled Oracle's "cloud-in-a-box" the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud he went on about how much time Oracle spent for optimizing its software for the Cloud. How much time really?

Launch of the OpenStack initiative

With the launch of OpenStack, Rackspace and its partners are opening up in a bid to build an open source community and create an easier path to cloud adoption for service providers, enterprises and government agencies. NASA and Microsoft are launched partners. 25 other companies are supporting this move to promote interoperability in the Cloud.

HP and Dell fight for Cloud storage

HP defeated Dell over the 3PAR acquisition but the war for cloud storage will keep on raging.

The Obama administration bets on the Cloud to modernize the government technology infrastructure As explained by Vivek KundraObama's evangelist for Cloud computing, when he testified before the U.S. Congress about Cloud computing and why it will be embraced massively by the US government.

IBM is accelerating its own Cloud ecosystem

With IBM Cloud it is enhancing its offering of test and development services with an increasingly larger network of partners. Amongst many other companies, PayPal is joining IBM to offer services to enterprise clients.

The ubiquity of the subscription model

Well illustrated by the launch of Z-Commerce by Zuora, a subscription billing company that enables cloud providers to automate metering, pricing, and billing for "the subscription economy." buys Jigsaw

With this $142 million deal, crowdsourcing makes its way in the business world.

Cloud integration is seen as the capability that will drive mainstream Cloud adoption Integration is the top reason why companies are uncomfortable with moving to the Cloud but more companies are marketing integration solutions that bridge the gap between on-premise and cloud solutions and glue cloud-based apps together. The list is long from emerging players such as RunMyProcess to market leaders which got lots of interest by IT giants as illustrated by IBM acquiring CastIron andDell acquiring Boomi.

Microsoft announces that it is betting its future on the Cloud

In a webcast Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft is betting its future on the cloud. He illustrated that by saying that 70% of Microsoft's 40,000 employees are working on cloud related efforts. By next year, 90% of Microsoft employees will be working on cloud matters! launches Chatter

Hundreds of companies have already adopted this end-to-end social media tool.

CRM, HR, Collaboration are getting big in the Cloud

These business applications categories are driving Cloud applications adoption., Oracle CRM and Zoho are leading web-based CRM applications. Taleo,Success Factors and CompensationXL drive the adoption of HCM. Vendors like @Task , HyperOffice and Clarizen drive collaboration apps adoption by companies of all sizes, from SMBs to large enterprises.

New Channel models for Cloud are emerging

Such as the one launched by Enomaly SpotCloud.

It is an Apps World and they are developed on PaaS

The number of apps hosted on theHeroku platform has skyrocketed to over 60,000 apps. Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Rackspace are also rapidly expanding together with smaller PaaS providers such as Mendix or OutSystems.

Fujitsu will invest $537 million in Cloud computing

The investments will be for more servers and external memory storage at data centers in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Australia and Singapore. That is a great hard cash testimonial on how much importance IT giants are placing on the Cloud

Apple is building a 1$ billion data center

What Apple plans to do with the 500,000 square foot massive data center that it is building in Maiden, NC?

That is just an extract from the massive amount of news about Cloud computing that we had to digest in 2010. How will this impact your business? Are you affected with these vendor announcements? Are these trends a threat or an opportunity for your business?