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Top CRM Apps for Your Customers

by Karen McCandless
Published on 29 September 2015

Man with headset and CRM spelt outWould it surprise you to hear that only just over half of small businesses use a CRM system to manage their sales process? According to a recent survey a lot of companies are still using manual processes to manage their customer information and interactions.

Not only does a CRM solution help you better organize your contacts, it also enables better collaboration across your whole company (not just the sales department), as well as being an excellent method of tracking your sales opportunity pipeline.

Choosing a CRM is not an easy process- that much we do know - but at GetApp we aim to simplify this process. Whether you want some help to guide you through the process, if you're wondering what CRMs will look like in 2020, or if you are looking to find alternatives to your current system, or if you want to find out what the top 25 CRM apps were in the last quarter, we're here to help. Here we're bringing you our top CRM apps and their favorite features to enable you to make a more informed choice.


There are several reasons why Insightly is a good product. For starters, it is a comprehensive product that bundles together a range of functionality into one cloud-based app. It is a project management solution, collaboration tool, and CRM system rolled into one. Add to that it's attractive and user friendly interface that makes it easy for businesses to be up and running within minutes, and you have a one-stop solution that ensures good user adoption.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

There is, probably, no reason to introduce Salesforce to the average SaaS user. The California-based company blazed a trail in this space by offering the first popular CRM solution in the cloud, making it a benchmark for other, similar apps in the space.

To recap, with Salesforce you can instantly customize your campaigns for social media or mobile optimization. In addition, you can generate complex forms without any knowledge of programming or using already available components and pre-designed templates. It also has a rich array of analytics dashboards that enable you to analyze and troubleshoot issues and queries. Finally, the solution offers a rich API interface that enables you to integrate and custom-build your own CRM.


Infusionsoft is another cloud-based system that has strong CRM capabilities, alongside marketing and eCommerce functionality. This solution allows you to keep all your contact information, import these contacts from other systems such as email, prioritize them according to importance, score them based on their marketing interactions, and track their engagement. Another plus is that it caters specifically for small businesses.


A list of top CRMs wouldn't be complete without Nimble, which took top spot in the GetRank Q2 2015 CRM rating (GetApp's independent quarterly ranking of top apps in this space). Where Nimble stands out is in its social capabilities, as it automatically links social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to business contacts, allowing you to engage better and through more channels. As well as social engagements, it brings email conversations, calendars, and contact profiles together in one place.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM has customizable dashboards that provide regular, status updates about your deals. This CRM - part of the Zoho suite of products - allows your to track contacts and leads separately, enabling better segmentation of your conversion rates. The dashboard then provides you with a snapshot of your deal flow. Finally, the CRM integrates with a bunch of SaaS solutions in the market to enable easy import and export of data.


Beaten to the top spot in our GetRank Q2 CRM ranking only by Nimble, Pipeliner prides itself on being a more visual solution, with plethora of interactive 3D charts and dashboards. Not only that, it boasts a super simple pricing plan with a flat fee per month, meaning you won't be caught out by any additional extras sneaked in their by a vendor. If you're interested in finding out more about CRM pricing structures, Pipeliner has put together a useful post on demystifying costs.

Base CRM

Having a mobile app is key for any CRM solution, and that is where Base CRM comes into its own. With the top score for a mobile app in our GetRank rating, this is an area where Base CRM excels. All of the features of the app are available on-the-go and work seamlessly, no matter what mobile device you are using. It may not be as big a name as the likes of Salesforce, Zoho, and Nimble, but it sure is one to watch.


What we think of these apps is one thing, but what do the businesses that have been using these systems for CRM have to say? According to rankings based on user reviews on GetApp, SalesforceIQ (formerly known as RelateIQ) is the one to beat.

What are your top CRM apps?

If none of these CRM apps are up your street, you can check out the GetApp Marketplace to see what else there is out there. And if there is an app that doesn't appear in our list that you think should be there, let us know in the comments below.

This post was originally published in August 2013 and has been updated.


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