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Top CRM Apps for Your Customers

Published on 4 September 2013

To talk about the need for customer relationship management software is old hat. Instead, let's discuss recent trends. CRM software establishes a single channel of information flow between the customer and your small business. This information can have a significant impact on all aspects of your business from logistics (think, demand forecasting) to support (customer interaction). In recent times, the proliferation of social media has multiplied and amplified the number of ways in which customers can reach out to and provide feedback to small businesses. Social media works in different ways as compared to traditional marketing outreach channels.

In addition to providing customer feedback, it also provides valuable insight into their thought processes and likes and dislikes. Mobile devices and website tracking software have further enlarged the scope of reaching out to customers by making it easier and cost-effective for you to connect with them through multiple sales and enabling self-service options. Customer relationship has, thus, transitioned from being a channel-related strategy to one that is related to tactic. The essential question for you to answer is this: How can you craft a unique product custom-tailored for your customers, given their likes, dislikes, and personality? Sounds complicated and expensive? It is not.


To find out more, check out our list of top CRM apps from the GetApp ecosystem.


There are several reasons why Insightly is a good product. For starters, it is a comprehensive product that bundles together several products into one. It is a project management tool, collaboration tool, and CRM tool rolled into one. Added to that is a pleasing and non-fussy interface that makes it easy for businesses to be up and running within minutes. It also has great support with free backups, 128-bit SSL encryption and unlimited customer support.

Pricing: Freemium

Method CRM

There is a method to Method CRM. Part of it involves an excellent QuickBooks integration that reduces sync times between the two applications. The other part of this method pertains to its customizable processes, screens and reports. Plus, the app is available across multiple platforms including web and mobile. There is much reason to invest in this method.

Pricing: $25.00/month


There is, probably, no reason to introduce Salesforce to the average SaaS user. The California-based company blazed a trail in this space by offering the first popular CRM solution in the cloud. The solution's offerings are a benchmark for other, similar solutions in the space. To recap, then: using Salesforce you can instantly customize your campaigns for social media or mobile optimization. In addition, you can generate complex forms without any knowledge of programming or using already available components and pre-designed templates. It also has a rich array of analytics dashboards that enable you to analyze and troubleshoot issues and queries. Finally, the solution offers a rich API interface that enables you to integrate and custom-build your own CRM.

Pricing: $5.00/month

BPMonline CRM

BPM Online is a business process improvement and CRM solution rolled into one. It enables you to craft new and efficient processes and implement them for marketing campaigns. On the customer relationship management side, it enables you to automate several manual processes to drive better response for your marketing campaigns and close more deals.

Pricing: $350 per user per year/ $490 per user onetime payment

Maximizer CRM

Maximizer CRM covers all aspects of customer relationship management solutions including contact and account management, salesforce automation, and customer responsiveness. The solution, which has a layout similar to Microsoft Office 2010, also enables you to create contact-specific quotes, campaigns, and customer service.

Pricing: $39.00 / Month

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM has customizable dashboards that provide regular updated status about your deals. The customization paradigm extends to accounts, where you can set up customer accounts as well as multiple contact accounts. In addition, the CRM also allows to track contacts and leads separately enabling better segmentation of your conversion rates. The dashboard also provides you with a snapshot of your deal flow. Finally, the CRM integrates with a bunch of SaaS solutions in the market to enable easy import and export of CRM data.

Pricing: Freemium

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  • · Powerful email integration with Google Apps
  • · Free up to 2 users
  • · Fast Search of Everything You've Stored
  • · Automatic Address Book
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InsightlyCustomer Management
  • · Contact Management
  • · QuickBooks Sync
  • · Customization
  • · Gmail, Outlook and More
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Method:CRMCustomer Management
Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • · Communities for sales
  • · Marketing and sales leads
  • · Email integration
  • · Opportunities and quotes
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Salesforce Sales CloudCustomer Management
bpm'online CRM
  • · 360° customer view
  • · Project management
  • · Business process management
  • · Mobile sales
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bpm'online CRMCustomer Management
Maximizer CRM
  • · Account and contact management
  • · Time management
  • · Task management and automation
  • · Sales force automation
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Maximizer CRMCustomer Management
Zoho CRM
  • · Sales Force Automation
  • · Marketing Automation
  • · Customer Support & Service
  • · Inventory Management
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Zoho CRMCustomer Management