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The Top Project Management Reviews on GetApp

by Jessica O' Loughlin
Published on 23 May 2014 of the most loved features of the GetApp marketplace is the ability to post reviews detailing your experience with your favorite (or not so favorite) software. Vendors also have the ability to respond to these reviews, making for a great open platform to build relationships and improve customer service. Whether you wish to vent or show appreciation, recommend or reconcile, our review platform is the place to do it. We provide this service because at GetApp the opinion of you, the user, is the most valuable asset to us. Your opinion provides unparalleled added value to the overall experience of our site. So to all those who have posted a review on GetApp, we thank you! To show our appreciation, this post will be the first of a series of posts highlighting the top reviews we have received in each software category we cater for. This week we start with the top Project Management software reviews.

" The Professional Project Management Software"


"Comindware Project is a professional project management software, which will bring you success in project management with advanced technology as well as the optimal cooperative. With a clean and easy to use user interface for any devices, a PC or a smartphone. All users can collaborate in a social environment brought about by Team Network, they can discuss specific tasks and access to any relevant project documents," wrote Mr. Techtiplib. Read More Comindware user reviews

" Very good integration with Google services"

Zoho Projects

"Very good integration with google services makes life easy for google apps user like us to on board the service. Very reliable and easy to use and get others to use. One of the best features is real project management set up, with milestones and tasks associated with projects. There is also an iPhone app that must be enabled by the account admin before users can access projects on their iPhones (must be on a paid plan to use the app," wrote Andy J. Read more Zoho Projects user reviews

" I am a newbie, but I love it already"


"I am a newbie in Wrike, but I can't help leaving my feedback. We love Wrike! We handle hundreds of small tasks so we used to send countless spreadsheets and documents via email. It was awful: there and back, there and back, and here we go again. Now we just attach all the necessary documents to the tasks and manage them online - such a time-saver! And what is best we always see who is working on what, who needs help or who can jump on the new task. The time wasted on micromanagement can now be used for more strategic needs," wrote Eline R. Read more Wrike user reviews

" All in one place"


"Clarizen brings all of our previously disparate levers and knobs into one package. Since deploying, they have constantly upgraded and innovated to allow for more capability and smoother operation. The API has proven strong for us, and the customization means we can use it exactly how we like. Mobile and Outlook integration have proven valuable as well. We can present our users with multiple ways to use the technology so that they can pick the method they feel most comfortable with. My remark to our VP: "We're going to put success right out in front of you, where you can grab it." Our support has been excellent. Multiple people from Clarizen have supported us not only through the transition and rollout, but well beyond. When I need support, I get it, fast," wrote Jeff Driscoll. Read more Clarizen user reviews

" Easiest PM software for the whole team"

Easy Projects

"I have to say that Easy Projects is the easiest tool for managing our projects that I have tried. Not only is it easy to understand and intuitive, it is also accessible through all kinds of devices (so you don't have to stick to just your PC), and it does everything you could need to successfully complete your projects. I'm really happy with Easy Projects," wrote Francis Thomas. Read more Easy Projects user reviews

" Easy to use"

Vorex Project Management Suite

"Been researching Project Management and Time & Attendance solutions for a while. Simplicity was a high priority for me, as I did not want for my staff to spend too much time learning a new system. Vorex stood out as a winner in my opinion because: (1) It is very easy to use with intuitive screens and functions. (2) Excellent customer support that is willing to talk you through any scenario or arrange for free demos. (3) Has all the functions I need without the unnecessary and typical bells and whistles," wrote Sam D. Read more Vorex Project Management Suite user reviews

"Best on-premise CRM application available"


"We have been using ProWorkflow for several years. Before ProWorkflow we spent tens of thousands developing our own project management software which never worked as it was designed. The software was never implemented or used. After that we spent another $30k setting up and training to use Microsoft Access. It took more time managing MS Access then it did managing our projects. We consistently have 100 to 200 project running through ProWorkflow at any giving time and your software has greatly improved our service, organization, communication and file sharing capabilities. We have staff, clients, vendors, franchises, corporate officers, suppliers and sub-contractors all logged into their prospective projects and the simplicity of ProWorkflow has proved to be a valuable resource and the backbone of our national operation. We have now implemented ProWorkflow into Sales to help develop and track our progress of new partnerships, sales and marketing. Thank you all for the years of dedication and professional service!" wrote Michael Blakely. Read more ProWorkflow user reviews

" Projectplace makes work fun"


"Don't tell your boss;) but with Projectplace's social and communication centred app it becomes easier and fun to work in projects. I can see what my colleagues are doing and talk to them about it, right on my phone. Well done Projectplace," wrote Karolina. Read more Projectplace user reviews

"C haos to simplicity"


"This application allows you to move from a chaotic approach to customer service to an organised one. Links to JIRA as well so it actually compliments rather than replaces it," wrote graypz. Read more LeanKit user reviews

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