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Top Ten Benefits of Accounting and Sales Management Software

by Christophe Primault
Published on 21 October 2010

With the increased use of accounting and sales management software, it's not hard to believe that they bring tremendous benefits. Veteran businessmen understand this intuitively, but for the novice looking to begin a business it's important to understand precisely what they can do for you. Here are the top ten benefits of accounting and sales management software:

  1. These programs don't merely record information, but keep data in a functional module that allows you to use the data for your unique business needs. It's an extremely functional program, not merely a database.
  2. Programs haven't only grown more sophisticated, but have become increasingly custom made for the needs of your company. You can buy programs or have them programmed in-house. Everyone can modify settings so it works for them, meaning you don't have to retrain staff…useful for a growing business!
  3. Programs now don't only manage your money, but are designed for ordering management, inventory, and manufacturing. In short, they are comprehensive of your whole business.
  4. Programs are updated frequently: anticipating consumer demands, programs have been developed to account for the new HST in British Columbia and Ontario. If this tax doesn't affect you (you're lucky!) it's still indicative of the trend in accounting adaptability.
  5. Many programs now are designed for beginner or mid-level businesses, but they have built in features which allow you to grow your company. Most importantly, in these programs you aren't required to make additional purchases. You just acquire the licenses as your business grows.
  6. Not only does it store information, but these programs can project various types of statistics in hundreds of graphs and charts. You're able to understand how your business is performing in different sectors at any seconds notice.
  7. Though many of the programs are specifically designed to be intuitive, you can export information into a program like excel if you're more comfortable working there, or if you need to e-mail it to someone who isn't as familiar with the program you've been using.
  8. There are no concerns about privacy: user codes and passwords are established, and privacy and usability is granted for certain modules, and even more specifically for certain processes within certain modules.
  9. With new developments like SaaS (Software as a Service) it's possible to access all your accounting information from any computer in the world. Basically, instead of paying for the program you pay for a rental fee to use it through a third party. It's safe and accessible.
  10. These programs all fulfill one core need: they generate revenue for your business. They offer dozens of tools which allow you to run your business smarter by allowing you to know your business better. Their widespread use is more than an ample testament to their productivity.

The next step is to investigate which program, or SaaS accounting software, is right for you. There's more to it than just deciding which software to use, as implementation can be extremely difficult. But, bear these tips in mind and you're already doing well!