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An Easy-to-Use App to Track, Organize and Communicate Projects: Getquantify Review

by Michele Nachum
Published on 4 May 2012

Getquantify logo a tracking app reviewThe good news for small and medium sized businesses is that there are many project management software available for purchase online. Pricing varies but these days a cash-strapped small businesses can sign up for a relatively competent free solution and be charged anywhere from $15 and up per month depending on the product, features, tools, etc.

The challenging part is that businesses now have so many choices that finding the right one for your business may be daunting.

Here's the catch - make sure you sign up for only what you need as some do have a myriad of features and if you are not going to use them - make sure you don't have to pay for them. That is where project management apps such as Getquantify excels - it's a straightforward solution and offers a small business the basic tools to organize, communicate and track projects.

Getquantify is a straightforward solution with just enough tools

Getquantify was recently launched by its young Prague-based creator, Roman Leinwather who thought to design a solution to help small businesses to better organize and communicate out their projects. While Getquantify is brand new, the solution already has several features from sharing out projects and tasks with colleagues in real time, tracking time, implementing calendar reminders, reports and more. The good news - it's a seamless solution that works well. No bugs from what I can tell.

Small businesses with small budgets will e** njoy** Getquantify

Getquantify is perfect for smaller businesses that need an easy-to-use collaboration tool to manage projects. This might also be a good solution for smaller teams within a small to medium-sized business. The software allows you to communicate out each of your projects and tasks to several team members and because it is online - team members can easily get the most up-to-date information on the tasks. This product is simple to use but effective. That said, it's feature base is still small compared to other project management solutions - but for those that require the "basics" Getquantify works nicely.

If you have several projects - each with a load of tasks - a project management tool like Getquantify can help you stay organized. Several features such as creating tasks with deadlines notifications that show up in your calendar; delegation of tasks to colleagues; tracking the time it takes on each task for customer billing purposes will help small businesses to immediately organize their projects and concentrate on the project itself versus trying how to figure out how to get organized.

GetQuantity has a comfortable look and feel

One of the best aspects of Getquantify is its ease of use. The user interface is plain and simple but easy to navigate and you can pretty much be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Once you sign up you are directed to your own dashboard where you can immediately create projects and tasks, invite colleagues to view the projects and tasks and track time spent on a project. In the getting started phase you are also directed to fill out your profile and that of your colleague's in the Admin tab - as information in the profiles will help you connect with other users via email and Skype.

That said, some of the more advanced features such as using Skype to interact with team members, may take a bit more time to figure out. In actuality, it is fairly easy once you know how and that is where Roman needs to beef up his Help section to explain such processes. Right now, his website is a bit barren in that area and I know for a fact that he is working on it.

So how do you use Getquantify with Skype? You can invite them by merely including adding their Skype details. If the user entered Skype address into his/her profile the Skype buttons becomes active and you should be able to start Skype call or chat from that drop-down.

There is a blog and reasonably decent explanation regarding Getquantify's main tools but found the Help Section to be somewhat immature. However, emailing questions to their support email is a good option as response time is quick.

The good and the bad

Ultimately I found Getquantify to be a relatively comprehensives and easy-to-use project management solution. The basic tools are all there. If you don't need the bells and whistles some of the more popular project management tools contain such as customer billing/invoicing (which Roman tells me is coming), customer relationship management features and more - then you have a nice and affordable solution in your arsenal.


Good news - Getquantify is very affordable. Currently you can get a 30-day free trial but normal pricing is $29 a month.

Is it for you?

Getquantify is perfect for any size small business that requires and easy-to-use solution with basic project management features. Anyone can join instantly and get started. You can easily invite your colleagues so they too can track the projects. If you need a billing tool as well - check back in the next month or so.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 3.5/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 5/5