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Tracker Review – the Crux of Customer Service

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 22 February 2013

9400-1778799183In an earlier post, we reviewed PhaseWare's Tracker solution and its role in your customer support efforts.

This week, we will revisit the solution in a new Tracker review and discuss its approach to customer support and the best way to use it.

Mixing Experience And Partnership

Based in Texas, PhaseWare was founded in 2005 and designs solutions for small to medium sized businesses as well as larger enterprises. These solutions, according to the company's website, enable users to "better manage processes, reduce operational expenses, and significantly increase" its customer service. As proof of its credentials, the company has already garnered contracts with several small businesses and government agencies.

One of the more interesting snippets about PhaseWare's history is its partnership with experts. It has an advisory group consisting of "seasoned customer support experts" and has, also, worked with organizations such as Help Desk Institute to develop and refine their products' usability.

Analyzing The Thought Process Behind The PhaseWare Tracker Suite

Our concern, however, is exclusively related to the company's applications for customer support. These applications enable businesses to support customers and, also, manage their support activities across the entire lifecycle, including customizing a self-service management module.

There are three applications that comprise the PhaseWare Tracker Platform: PhaseWare Tracker (which comes in two flavors: on-premise and on-demand), PhaseWare Event Engine, and Self-Service Center. Tracker enables you to track and manage tickets across the support lifecycle. The Self-Service Center enables customers and employees to interact and engage with each other during the ticket resolution process. Finally, the PhaseWare Event Engine is an automation tool that enables you to create and manage alerts and workflows to better manage your processes.

Given their application suite, I was curious to know more about how the company defined its ideal customer. According to Brenden Scott, marketing manager with the company, the solution covers a wide swathe of diverse industries from mortgage processing to paging systems to health care providers. However, the common factor among these seemingly disparate industries is their focus on customer support.

"At its simplest level possible, the PhaseWare Tracker Platform is great for anyone providing service and support to customers," says Scott. He says their customers from a wide variety of backgrounds, markets and skill sets. "In practice, our most successful customers are in the technology field with repeatable person-to-person interactions at the heart of their customer service and support," he says.

The customer service theme is also important to understand the solution's approach to customer service. "Taken to the bare essentials, customer service is simply Q&A," says Scott. "A customer presents an issue, a support agent solves it." According to him, PhaseWare serves as an agile hub for the broader business needs of customer service without complicating the underlying person-to-person interaction. This means that PhaseWare leverages the knowledge in this interaction and streamlines the experience through its suite of products.

How To Serve Customer Needs

Each product in the company's application suite serves a specific purpose to enhance customer experience. For example, the PhaseWare Tracker Platform "offers an integrated framework for easily capturing customer inquiries, assigning tickets, troubleshooting, sharing information, and tracking the entire resolution lifecycle." In turn, this increases your customer retention rate and, also, enables you to troubleshoot and analyze your support operations.

Similarly, the Self-Service Center complements Tracker. It mixes knowledge management and best practices with empowering customers (by enabling them to edit and contribute to the knowledge base) and creating customer communities for your product. "We recommend the SSC for just about all our customers as its eaier to realize the full potential of the PhaseWare Tracker Platform with the knowledge base and customer status tracking features of the SSC," says Scott.




The Bottomline

PhaseWare has an extensive suite of products to help manage your customer support needs. More importantly, however, the company is backed by experience and a thought process that is geared towards maximizing customer satisfaction. Considering their credentials, it might be worthwile to give their products a try.

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