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Typeform or Hype-Form? 7 Other Great Survey Software Options

by Lauren Maffeo
Published on 2 September 2016


When global brands like HubSpot, Forbes, and Quartz need to survey their users, many of them turn to Typeform. The popular survey software startup had half a million registered users as of last year. Those users cite Typeform's ease of use, strong conversions, and user engagement as reasons why they love it. But does this necessarily mean it's the right software choice for your small business?

Typeform offers three plans, including a free trial. But some features, like custom branding, are out of reach until you pay for its PRO plan, which starts at $70 per month. Other users say that it's not the best option for tracking conversions.

While Typeform is a great tool to build and send surveys, it's also not your only option. There are other tools that might be a better match for your business needs. Keep these questions in mind before you shell out for survey software:

  • What's the end goal for your survey results? Do you need to collect qualitative feedback? Or are you trying to build lead generation? These are two distinct needs, so always start by answering why you need a survey tool;

  • Do you want to custom brand your surveys? Some software (like Typeform) only offers this feature with paid plans;

  • Which solutions offer analytics? There's not much point in sending surveys if you can't capture and refine results;

  • How many integrations does each software have? If your team relies on tools like MailChimp or WordPress, it's worth researching which survey software integrates with them.

With these questions in mind, here are seven alternative survey software solutions to Typeform:


GetFeedback is go-to software for surveys that look great on mobile devices. Real-time analytics and push notifications let you see survey results as they come in. GetFeedback even builds real-time graphs of the data you receive. You can also brand each survey with your own logos, fonts, etc. - but only if you pay for their Enterprise plan.

GetFeedback Survey Software

Free Trial? Yes

Price Point? $25/month

Custom Branding? Enterprise plan ($150/month)

Analytics? Yes

Integrations? 4

GetFeedback vs. Typeform


JotForm's no-fuss approach to form creation makes it another favorite. JotForm offers a freemium plan of up to 200 form submissions per month. Their database of form templates (2500+) is tough to beat, as are their always-on customer support and SSL-secure forms.

JotForm Survey Software

Free Trial? No

Price Point? Free up to 200 form submissions per month. Paid plans start at $9.95/month; non-profit and education users earn a 50 percent discount on any paid plan.

Custom Branding? All plans

Analytics? Yes

Integrations? 15

JotForm vs. Typeform


Qualtrics is not for the casual form user; its robust software helps customer success, market research, and HR teams manage employee assessments. Each survey can be customized with photos, scales, images, and more. You can also use Qualtrics to manage employee engagement and exit interviews as well as Net Promoter Scores. Ad and concept testing are also included in its list of offerings.

Qualtrics Survey Software

Free Trial? Yes.

Price Point? $2500/month

Custom Branding? All plans

Analytics? Integrates with Adobe Analytics

Integrations? 4

Qualtrics vs. Typeform


Do you work in research, marketing, or education? SurveyGizmo was built for you. It offers complete branding control, open text analysis, and reports in SPSS, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF format. You can embed surveys into your website or app and use your own domain to hide SurveyGizmo.

SurveyGizmo Survey Software

Free Trial? Yes.

Price Point? $15/month. Non-profit and education users each get 25 percent discounts, while students earn a 50 percent discount.

Custom Branding? All plans

Analytics? Integrates with Google Analytics

Integrations? 11

SurveyGizmo vs. Typeform


SurveyMonkey - one of the first cloud-based survey software tools - received 90 million survey responses per month as of last year. Its ease of use, custom branding features, and data import feature are all cited as positives. But prepare to pay up if you want in-depth analytics - a recent GetApp review said that features which were previously free now ask for an upgrade.

SurveyMonkey Survey Software

Free Trial? Yes

Price Point? $25/month

Custom Branding? All plans

Analytics? Yes. SurveyMonkey also launched its Intelligence service this year.

Integrations? 28

Survey Money vs. Typeform

Zoho Survey

Need to create small surveys on a shoestring budget? Zoho Survey's free plan lets you create unlimited surveys with up to 15 questions and 150 responses each. It integrates with Google Apps and is mobile-optimized. Custom themes and reports are included.

Zoho Survey Software

Free Trial? Yes

Price Point? Free plan lets you create unlimited surveys with 15 questions and 150 responses per survey . Paid plans start from $19/month

Custom Branding? All plans

Analytics? All plans

Integrations? 4

Zoho Survey vs. Typeform


123ContactForm is a survey software chameleon. It integrates with apps including MailChimp and allows publishing through WordPress, Drupal, and more. You can create custom contact and multi-payment forms, coupon codes, and graphic reports. Its payment processing feature lets you receive online payments and donations. And you can view data using custom charts and graphs.

123Contactform Survey Software

Free Trial? Yes

Price Point? $14.95/month. Non-profit and educational providers are eligible for 20 percent discounts.

Custom Branding? All plans

Analytics? Integrates with Google Analytics

Integrations? 16

123ContactForm vs. Typeform

Survey software is a big purchase. To make it less daunting, start your research knowing how you need it to boost your business. Whether it's WordPress integration or real-time analytics, looking for specific features increases your chance of choosing the right fit.

Discover more survey software to help you choose the right tool for your business. If you're a Typeform user who loves the software, tell the GetApp community by leaving a review.


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