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uberVU Review – Use Social Media to Gain Brand Insights

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 6 August 2013

The sheer volume of messages being sent out each day on social media can quickly become overwhelming for brands and marketers. uberVU is a tool that companies can use to harness that information and put it to use, tracking mentions on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn and using the information to make more informed business decisions.

In this uberVU review, I will test out many of the social media platform's most popular tools and features. In particular, I will see how social media managers and brand community managers can utilize uberVU's Streams, Mentions, and Signals features when working on their digital campaigns.

About uberVU

uberVU cuts through the clutter on social media, turning individual tweets and status updates into actionable insights for its users. Designed specifically for social media marketers and community managers, uberVU gives brands a way to leverage online trends in real-time.

Once they've inserted the keywords they'd like to track and set up streams connected to their social media profiles, brand managers can start following what's being said about their companies (and their competitors) online. uberVU offers dozens of ways to filter this information, with tools that let users limit the messages they see based on language, geographic location, gender, sentiment, and online source.

Main Functionality of uberVU

uberVU's tools fall into a few main categories. The bread and butter of the product is a feature called "Streams." A Stream can be a themed search or a connected social profile, like a Twitter or Facebook page. In most cases, businesses will set up Streams as a way to track what people are saying about their brands online, using uberVU's tools to filter out mentions from specific sources (like notoriously biased blogs, for example) or geographic locations (like foreign countries).

Keyword mentions that are pulled into Streams are tagged based on language and sentiment. Brand managers have the option to create their own tags, to flag mentions that need to be addressed by colleagues in separate departments. uberVU also offers the option of scheduling posts and replying to tweets and other messages from within the platform.

uberVU is the only platform in the industry that automatically analyzes all the data that comes through the searches its users set up. By tapping into the company's Signals service, users filter out the most exciting or interesting data points based on the mentions coming in through their Streams. uberVU highlights influential users, not just based on the number of followers those users have, but based on their ability to drive conversations around the keywords a brand is currently monitoring.

Benefits of Using uberVU

Brands can gain actionable insights when they use uberVU, and they can find out immediately when issues have come up that need to be addressed. uberVU's "Spikes & Bursts" feature allows businesses to take advantage of emerging trends in their industries. uberVU notifies users when there is an anomaly in the volume of mentions for the keywords they've set up, prompting managers to do the necessary research when something is out of the norm. This tool is especially useful for crisis monitoring and prevention, as it allows users to address any spikes in mentions (good or bad) before the conversation gets out of hand.

When they respond immediately to questions or address complaints in a professional way, brands are able to foster better relationships with their customers. They are also able to make the best use out of limited time and resources, by getting access to in-depth data on the social media influencers who are driving conversations about their companies on the web.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Take a look at what social media users are saying about your company by visiting the Streams section of your uberVU account. Scroll through all current mentions, or refine your approach by limiting your view by location, platform, date, language, gender, reach, or sentiment (among other filters).


Create a report based on the information you've uncovered. Drag individual widgets onto your report page, and uberVU will automatically gather the necessary data on your behalf. The reports you create can easily be shared with colleagues or clients.


Head to the Signals section to see the top stories or mentions, selected by uberVU based on a number of factors. You have the option to filter your view based on "Noise" or tag individual stories for future distribution. Individual stories can also be filtered based on the size of the Signal (or scope).


Support Information

uberVU offers users a number of resources for support. Brands can speak with a support team member by phone, as well as email. uberVU also offers live trainings and recorded trainings, which are useful references when getting started with the platform. Finally, uberVU provides users with a robust Help section that includes dozens of detailed articles organized by feature or topic.

Pricing Information

Subscription pricing for uberVU starts at $499 per month. For that price, users get access to streams with unlimited mentions, an unlimited number of users, free updates, all features, a dedicated account manager, and free training (including support and setup). Unlike competing platforms, uberVU does not charge based on the number of mentions a brand collects.

The Bottom Line

uberVU is looking to democratize the world of social media marketing by providing community managers, account managers, and social media managers with all the tools they need in an easy-to-use format. When they use uberVU, brands can create better relationships with online influencers. They can also use social media trends to detect abnormalities immediately, decreasing the lag-time between when a crisis erupts and when a PR team responds. Overall, uberVU is an excellent tool for brands and agencies that are looking for a streamlined way to gain insight from the content being published about their companies, as well as their competitors, online.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5


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