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Answer Your Customers Questions Right When They Have Them — Userlike Live Chat Review

by Stephanie Watson
Published on 23 November 2012

Userlike ReviewGetting answers as soon as possible as a customer is a wonderful thing, being able to deliver those answers as a small business, is priceless.

I checked out Userlike, live chat software for websites and iOS apps. I know if I have a question about a product and can't find the answer quickly, I simply move on. I always like sites that have live chat so I can ask someone right away. I've purchased more products each time I get an answer right away. I checked out the features on and here's what I found.

Answer Customer Questions When They're On Your Site

For customers, the problem is getting questions answered when they're on a website or eCommerce store, not later. For the Internet shop owner, the problem is finding software that isn't too expensive, looks professional and isn't complicated to install. It's also nice if the chat box looks like a natural part of the web page.

For service employees it is important to have software that is flexible, making it easy to answer questions quickly by guiding the customer requests to the right person.

Online Stores Want Chat Software That Keeps Customers Happy And Increases Conversions

Userlike was developed out of a market gap spotted by Timoor and David. Timoor, an ecommerce entrepreneur, wasn't happy with what was available on the market. He wanted a software that was affordable, that looked professional, and that was easy to use. Together with David they set out to develop a software that fulfilled these criteria. As one happy customer, VS-Elektro puts it: "we are regularly selling products over the chat. We love it and so do our customers."

Userlike Is Reasonably Priced, Easy To Operate And Looks Professional

With Userlike you can chat with customers right at the moment they have a question, when you have the chance to make a sale. Once a visitor leaves, he might never come back. Installation is quick. In the words of one satisfied custom: "installation and configuration process is a breeze." The site provides easy-to-understand tutorials to help with customizing. The service is available in a number of languages.

The interface is very comfortable for the customer to use. It is integrated right into your website so it looks like an integral part of it. You can even add your own logo.

It's simple for a chat operator can pass an inquiry to another operator so that questions go to the customer service person who handles that particular request. It's easy to group operators into departments for specific topics.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

Here is a screenshot of the chat administrator's dashboard, as you see, all the information available in one spot.

Here is a picture of a chat session with a service person's photo, a great way to make the service more personal.

Administrators can locate operators through this panel.

Userlike makes it easy to check chat stats.

Operators can pass chats back and forth to get the right answer quickly.

Userlike Review

Userlike Is Easy To Use For Both The Customer And The Chat Operator

Userlike's biggest plus is its ease of use. The customer has a professional and attractive looking chat window that's a natural part of the web page. A chat operator can easily move the session to the right person without any fuss. It is even possible to group your operators into departments to make it easy to guide chats to the right person. The result is a happy customer who gets answers to her questions and the moment that they come up.

Administrators love how simple Userlike software makes it to install and customize. Userlike can be integrated with Zendesk and a long list of other CRM tools. Chats can be answered from any smart phone with a mobile IM client.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

Userlike has a 14-day free trial that requires no credit card. They have three pricing tiers geared to small, medium and large businesses, as well as a free version with a limited amount of chats. You get a discount by signing up for a six- or twelve-month package. Userlike offers chat and phone support, plus an extensive library of tutorials and a FAQ.

Is It For You?

Whether it is to offer support or to sell your products proactively, Userlike is a great tool for any business where the website plays a central role. Stay in touch with customers at the moments that they need an answer. It is easy for you to administer and flexible to use for your operators.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 5/5


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