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8 Ways Small Businesses Can Promote Their Posts With HootSuite

by Lior Levin
Published on 31 October 2011

HootSuite is a Twitter management tool that is hosted online and makes Twitter easy to manage. With the features offered by HootSuite , Twitter becomes a powerful networking and marketing tool that bloggers will find indispensable.

Here are 8 reasons why you need to use HootSuite in order to promote your blog:

Easily Promote Your Blog Posts

HootSuite makes the technical aspects of sharing your blog posts with a wide group of readers quite simple by providing url shortening and the ability to share blog posts on other social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. If you want to tweet your blog post in multiple Twitter accounts, you need only click on a different account tab in HootSuite.

As readers reply and send direct messages to you, HootSuite provides columns where you can read their tweets and then respond.

Sort Industry Experts and Readers in Groups

Twitter users can't keep up with all of their Twitter followers or all of the accounts they follow. However, HootSuite provides a simple column-based interface where you can divide the accounts you follow into labeled columns. This makes it much easier to keep up with industry trends and tweets that you can retweet to your followers.

You can use the columns to also set up searches in order to keep track of conversations about your brand or areas of expertise.

Manage Multiple Accounts for Multiple Blogs

If you have several blogs and Twitter accounts for each blog, Hootsuite has a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and convenient. Freelance writer Kristi Hines shares , "HootSuite allows you to create tabs for each of your Twitter accounts, so you can easily see your tweets, mentions, lists, direct messages, and other relevant information under the tab of each account."

Tweet as a Secure Team

Some organizations have multiple users and Twitter accounts running at the same time. In some cases companies had sent out embarrassing and irrelevant tweets because use> that "HootSuite developed Secure Profiles. The feature prompts users to confirm or cancel tweets before srs clicked on the wrong account. Meghan Peters at Mashable reports ending them, preventing potentially damaging updates from being posted to corporate social profiles."

Schedule Tweets for Later

If you want to promote your blog on Twitter to readers who are online at different times, HootSuite provides the easiest way to schedule tweets for your accounts. Other Twitter tools such as Tweetdeck offer this feature as well, but HootSuite has the best interface around for scheduling tweets quickly.

Analyze the Clicks on Your Links and Retweets

As a blogger, you're used to analyzing stats, learning which posts are most popular and where your readers are coming from. The main use for Twitter among bloggers is the promotion of their sites among potential readers who will hopefully click on and retweet their posts.

HootSuite has become immensely popular among bloggers because it offers a thorough analytics package. Users can generate reports, track clicks, and do a whole lot more.

Post to Your Blog from HootSuite

If you're working on Hootsuite and see an important trend you want to blog about or a news item you need to mention on your blog quickly, you can post directly to a WordPress hosted blog from Hootsuite. Jennifer VanGrove writes at Mashable , "The feature doesn't limit you [to] 140-character updates, and you can include URLs, photos and files in your updates. Setup is simple and merely requires that you enter your WordPress login credentials from the Settings panel. When you're done, writing a blog post will be as simple as posting a tweet."

Plot Your Twitter Strategy

Of course you have a plan for managing your tweets and promoting your blog, and HootSuite makes that much easier to do. Using stats provided through Klout, "HootSuite uses Klout to give you a quick snapshot of a Twitter user's influence." Blogger Jared Morris finds this feature incredibly convenient in developing his Twitter strategy.

HootSuite simplifies the use of Twitter for blog promotion and networking, but more importantly, you can track the effectiveness of your marketing through Twitter. You need to make sure your time on Twitter is producing results, and HootSuite is the surest way to ensure you get them.

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