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Volusion Review – Create an E-Commerce Store

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 16 September 2013

Whether you're a knitter, a painter, or an antiques importer, there's a good chance you could expand your business by selling your goods online. Volusion is an eCommerce web-based application that gives businesspeople a way to do just that, offering DIY tools that anyone can use to market and sell their products across the web.

In this Volusion review, I will test out Volusion's ready-to-use templates, integrated checkout pages, and social marketing features. Throughout this review, I will pay particular attention to the tools aimed most squarely at small business owners and individual merchants. After making my way through the web-based e-commerce solution, I will offer my assessment as to whether Volusion is a viable platform for retailers who are interested in selling their products online.

About Volusion

Volusion is an all-in-one e-commerce solution for anyone who has an interest in selling products on the web. The soup to nuts platform offers everything from basic website design services to credit card processing, marketing tools, and even customer support solutions.

Merchants who are interested in creating a mobile storefront can utilize Volusion's free templates and showcase individual products with the platform's innovative vZoom tool. Integrated one-page checkouts speed up the sales process and help to decrease instances of abandoned carts, while Volusion's SmartMatch technology allows retailers to track an unlimited combination of product options within their in-stock inventory. Volusion monitors inventory levels at all times, and provides immediate alerts to merchants when product levels are running low.

Main Functionality of Volusion

Volusion is more than just an e-commerce solution. In addition to providing merchants with tools to design online sales websites, Volusion also offers a full suite of marketing, management, security, and support solutions.

Retailers can build and manage their e-commerce stores with integrated shopping cart software. They can then promote their stores using Volusion's marketing tools. Volusion offers features that retailers can use to send daily deals to their customers, improve their search engine rankings, create coupons, and sell their products on outside sites like Amazon and eBay. Social integrations also make it easy for retailers to sell goods on Facebook, and promote their businesses on popular networks like Pinterest and Twitter.

Finally, Volusion's management features keep constant tabs on inventory levels and customer concerns. Businesses can collect feedback and product reviews from their website visitors through Volusion's platform. Even more importantly, they can process orders quickly and efficiently. Merchants can view and approve orders immediately, either on a one-by-one basis or all at once. Real-time performance metrics show exactly where a company stands financially, along with the particular items or general categories that are performing best at any given time.

Benefits of Using Volusion

Small business owners and solo entrepreneurs who aren't sure where to begin developing an e-commerce outpost can utilize Volusion's tools to guide them through the entire process. As an A-to-Z e-commerce solution, Volusion offers everything that a business owner could need to sell his or her products online. This includes website design services, credit card processing features, and marketing tools.

Volusion's credit card processing features are especially impressive, given what a headache it can be for a solo entrepreneur to set up a payment processing system on his or her own. Upon joining Volusion, users are encouraged to submit a single application to apply for the option to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Merchants can take advantage of direct deposits, and a real-time payment gateway that is exceptionally convenient. As a result, businesses that display the provided "Verified Volusion Merchant" seal on their websites can expect to see increased sales almost immediately.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Use the Quick Start menu to customize the design of your e-commerce store. You have the option to start adding new products to your store by uploading images and pricing information right away.


Choose from nearly 300 templates when designing your store. To make the process easier, you can sort templates by price, color, category, or industry. When you're ready to activate the template you've selected, just click "Activate."


Visit the Volusion dashboard to see an overview of how your store is performing. From the dashboard page, you can view all current orders, and see graphs that represent your most popular products and categories based on real-time sales stats.


Boost traffic during slow periods by creating a "Deal of the Day." Choose a product from your current inventory, enter a discounted price, and share the deal with your customers through email newsletters and social media.


Support Information

Volusion provides 24/7 customer support. New users can watch video tutorials for help building their stores, managing their stores, and expanding their stores. Volusion also offers release notes and a knowledge base for users with more detailed questions. For personal support, users are encouraged to contact Volusion's representatives directly at 1.800.646.3517 x2. Live chat features are also available for merchants who would like to discuss issues with Volusion's support or sales staffs.

Pricing Information

Volusion offers a 14 day free trial with no credit card required. Ongoing plans range in price from $15 per month (for the mini plan, with 100 products included) to $195 per month (for the Platinum plan, with an unlimited number of products included). Enterprise-level solutions are available for merchants in need of even larger plans. New users do not need a domain name to purchase their stores. Volusion offers discounts for merchants who purchase multiple stores with the vendor.

The Bottom Line

Volusion's all-in-one attitude helps it stand apart from competing e-commerce solutions. As a result, the web application is exceptionally easy for merchants of all sizes to use. Businesses can design custom online storefronts in mere minutes, and they can manage payments and inventory levels without having to leave Volusion's seamless online app. Volusion's multi-level pricing plans make this an affordable solution for anyone looking to sell products online.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5


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