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Wazala Review – Sell Physical and Digital Goods Online

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 28 October 2013

Wazala Review - Create a store to sell both physical and digital goods online

Online stores can become excellent sources of incremental income for retailers who already have brick-and-mortar outposts, but the realities of building an e-commerce store from scratch are challenging for sellers without a technical background.

Wazala is a platform that aims to reduce the friction associated with building an online store, seamlessly integrating with existing websites and allowing users to get started selling their physical and digital goods right away.

In this Wazala review, I will take the eCommerce platform out for a test drive to see what small businesses and individuals creating their own online stores can expect. Throughout the review, I will pay particular attention to Wazala's ease-of-use, functionality, and customization features.

Wazala Review - About the Platform

Wazala is a platform that allows you to design, build and manage an ecommerce business. In addition to providing users with a way to make money by selling their products and goods (like clothing and crafts), Wazala has also developed a way to manage the sale of digital goods, like designs, music, and images, allowing you to sell anything online. Users can create their own online presence, or they can add Wazala to their existing websites, blogs, and Facebook pages and manage them all in one central location. All of this can be done with zero technical skill or knowledge of HTML, which is the real difference between Wazala and competing shopping cart applications.

Main Functionality of Wazala

Don't let the simplicity of their admin area fool you. Wazala's setup is easy and straightforward, but the system itself is more powerful than it seems. Users can create their own ecommerce store using a Wazala URL or their own domain name mapped to their store. Wazala also provides sellers the option to add a shopping cart as a widget to their website, blog, or Facebook page with a simple copy and paste.

Sellers can post digital products alongside physical goods, even defining different product options for download (like selling singles vs a full album download). Wazala integrates with all the most popular payment platforms, including Stripe,, all Paypal solutions and PayMill, as well as providing sellers with the critical information necessary to track inventory levels in real-time. Wazala alerts sellers when inventory levels on certain products are getting low, and displays all critical store activities (like new orders, for example) on a customizable dashboard.

Benefits of Using Wazala

Artists, musicians, bloggers, photographers, illustrators, developers, and virtually anyone else with a product to sell can use Wazala to boost their bottom lines. Not only can sellers post their physical products for sale directly alongside their digital goods, but they can also include multiple download options for specific items. As a seller becomes more popular and his store begins to grow, Wazala scales automatically. Not only does Wazala serve as a shopping cart app, but it also acts as an online coupon platform. Sellers can use Wazala to send promotional discounts and coupons as a way to increase sales of lower performing products.

Flexibility and freedom have been priorities for the team at Wazala. Sellers maintain complete control over their online stores, and they have the option of whether to fully embed their stores into their websites or add a simple button and website overlay. Every subscription includes a mobile-optimized store, which allows buyers to make purchases from their iPhones and Android devices.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Preview what your Wazala store will look like all while customizing every items, color, font, layout and much more in their easy to use HTML5 designer that requires no CSS or HTML knowledge. This allows you to build an online store that matches your brand entirely. Use the Wazala widgets to add the store as an overlay on top of existing websites. Clicking a store button on your website or blog brings up your Wazala store, where customers can browse items, add products to their shopping carts, and make payments with ease right on your own website.

Wazala Review Demo store

The individual items you add to your store can be tagged and categorized. Customers will also see a listing of related products, which is a useful way to drive conversions.

Wazala Review Product listings

Within the "Store Manager" section, you can easily manage your products, set shipping and tax rates, create coupon codes and add custom fields to your shopping experience.

Wazala Review Store manager

Support Information

Clicking on the Wazala "Support" tab brings you to a dedicated Help Desk, with forums, FAQs, and articles aimed at new users who are getting started with the system. The answers to most seller questions can be found in this database. For help with more specific issues, Wazala encourages users to submit a request for assistance. Sellers will be notified when a Wazala staff member has answered their requests.

Pricing Information

Wazala offers free 15-day trials on all pricing plans. Sellers have the option to choose between Small, Medium, and Large plans, depending on the number of products they plan to list. Small plans cost $16 per month; Medium plans at $32 per month and Large plans at $64per month. Accounts can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. Wazala does not charge any transaction or setup fees, and offers unlimited bandwidth and storage.

The Bottom Line

We've seen in this Wazala review that it is a sophisticated platform, however it has been designed in a way that makes it possible for virtually anyone to use. Sellers can set up their shops with zero technical know-how, and without having to learn HTML or CSS. The platform offers a number of integrations with popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, along with mobile capabilities that include "touch and gesture based browsing" for shoppers on their smartphones and tablets. By giving sellers the ability to sell physical goods directly alongside digital downloads, Wazala has differentiated itself from the competition and provided a real service to musicians, artists, and developers.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 5/5


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