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Web Site Optimization Review: The Ion Platform

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 25 April 2011

Online marketing was like the wild wild west until Google came along. Why, you ask? Given the scale and complexity of the worldwide web, it was hard to figure out what worked and what didn't. Science was absent and marketers pretty much tried all sorts of tricks to get audiences to their webpages. Thankfully, we have moved past that stage now; online marketing now has a strategy and actionable thought process associated with it. This week I will be reviewing the ion platform: a software that helps you optimize your online marketing efforts. It helps you convert traffic to your website into prospects and leads by using a variety of strategies from building microsites to configuring your landing page to attract more visitors. We will review ion's functionalities, interface, and how it can be use to you.


ion's platform focuses on post-click conversion. This is a fairly new and rapidly growing field that supplements information from popular analytics tools such as Google Analytics with useful data from third-party sources. This means that in addition to getting computer and location information about your website visitors, you can also get personal information about them such as their industry and location. You can, then, slice and dice this data based on your needs. The ion platform enables you to configure and build optimized landing pages for your business. That might sound pretty technical but, in actual implementation, it is not. ion works on a template-based system. You select a template and it is custom-branded with your logo and colors. You can then drop in your image, headline and copy. With ion, not only can you create a new web page in minutes, you can also set up a competing page and launch an A/B or multivariate test with just a few clicks.


ion's quickstart service helps you get up and running quickly with personalized training sessions with your dedicated account manager. You learn how to create web pages in your platform console using images, buttons, and templates especially designed for you. You will also learn how to quickly launch no-code A/B or multivariate tests. The ion platform has a fairly short setup period. You can be up and running with your platform console in less than a week.

My favorite feature of the software is the asset library where you can store and recycle multiple assets related to your website. Thus, you can quickly swap in new images, buttons or forms from your library to build new or challenger pages. The ion platform also enables you to easily create advanced rules and conditional logic. This helps you build dynamic web pages, based on your real-times test results. For example, you can replace keywords and images based on customer feedback.

Finally, all of this would be useless if there was no way to analyze data from your website. In fact, this is where the value of the solution lies. The reporting feature enables you to view things in a top-down manner and can be exported into preformatted excel files or PDFs. What's more, the application integrates with several other cloud-based applications such as, Eloqua, Marketo, Google Analytics, Facebook.


It looks pretty good. The interface is clean, intuitive and GUI-based. This means you do not have to work your way through reams of code if you want to change something on your website. Instead, changing things is a matter of selection and clicks.


Perhaps, the best part about the ion platform is the extensive support the company offers on its website. I was new to post-click marketing as a concept; however, their online tutorials, blogs, and, most importantly, case studies introduced me to the topic through a combination of examples and case studies. Because of the nature of their work, ion works closely with its customers for implementation of post-click marketing strategy. They have several case studies that illustrate their engagement with customers.


Definitely. If you are into online marketing and would like to improve visibility for your website, then this solution is for you. It might just help you stand apart from the clutter of the web and become a focused marketer!


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