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WebMerge Review – Create Documents on the Fly

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 10 April 2014

WebMerge Review - For organizations that frequently deal with customized documents, this web-based application can streamline workflows and save countless hours

Businesses waste thousands of hours each year manually creating the same documents again and again, as associates copy and paste the text from one Word document or PowerPoint presentation to another. WebMerge has developed a way for companies to get that time back, introducing an interesting new system that automates the document creation process so people never have to spend time generating the same PDF, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files again.

In this WebMerge review, I will explain what WebMerge is and how the document management solution can help businesses improve their workflows. After going over a few of the platform's most important features, I will offer my suggestions as to whether WebMerge is a solution that organizations should consider adopting for their own use.

WebMerge Review - About the Solution

WebMerge is a web-based application that both individuals and organizations can use to automate the process of creating multiple PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Using the platform's online document builder, users are able to turn mountains worth of data into PDF and Office documents in just minutes. When it comes time to deliver those files, WebMerge provides a number of document delivery tools. Users can send files via email, integrate with webhooks, request electronic signatures, or even save their documents in the cloud. WebMerge integrates with a number of popular business applications, including Dropbox, EchoSign, Zapier, RightSignature, and Google Drive.

Main Functionality of WebMerge

The goal of WebMerge is to provide users with the ability to quickly build customized documents. The web-based application fulfills this goal with features like fillable PDF forms, HTML document builders, dynamic formatting, conditional deliveries, data routing, and team collaboration tools.

Users have the option to create their documents from scratch or to upload their own fillable PDF or Word files. The platform's editor makes it easy for users to integrate their documents with third-party services. This is useful when it comes time to preload field names, and it also gives users total control over how their documents end up looking. WebMerge handles the document delivery process, as well. Users choose whether to send their files via email or via a third-party integration using webhooks.

WebMerge provides users with three options for merging data with their documents: integration using the API, uploading via a CSV, or manual data entry. Although manual data entry is probably the lesser used of the three options, it is an excellent choice for users who need to quickly create documents and automatically send those documents through WebMerge's cloud-based platform.

Benefits of Using WebMerge

More than just a document creation solution, WebMerge actually provides organizations with the tools they need to simplify their work processes and streamline their workflows. The web-based application automates the document assembly process, which means its users are able to spend less time manually merging data with existing documents and more time working on more important business tasks.

Over the years, WebMerge users have found countless ways to implement the solution into their business practices. In addition to using the platform to quickly customize and deliver important business contracts, users have also discovered WebMerge is an excellent tool for building payment invoices, event tickets, and confirmation letters. Essentially, any replicated document that includes variable data could be created more quickly using WebMerge than by manually clicking copy/paste.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

Create your first document using WebMerge's document builder tool. The editor walks you through the steps necessary to format your content and integrate the necessary data. Also of note: WebMerge's display shows the actual size of the document, to let you see how it will look when it's printed.

Creating your document

Once you've built your document and configured the settings, you can test your document. WebMerge lets you test documents without sending the deliveries. To test the deliveries, visit the "Test URL" by clicking the "Publish" button.

Testing your document

Before WebMerge can send your document, you'll have to tell which service to use. Click on the "+New Delivery" button and select one of the six provided options. If you choose email, you'll then be prompted to enter the recipient's email address, along with a subject and a message.

Choosing the document delivery channel

Support Information

WebMerge offers its users an extensive customer service portal, where they can stay updated with the latest product announcements, search for answers to their questions, and share their suggestions about improving the application. Search through this knowledge base by keyword or browse through help articles by category. If your issue is not addressed elsewhere in the customer service portal, then you'll want to submit a request for assistance. WebMerge will then notify you when its staff has answered your request.

Pricing Information

WebMerge offers all users a 30-day money back guarantee, in addition to unlimited testing. Paid plans start at $19 per month and go up to $499 per month. The company's most popular package is the Business plan, which costs $149 per month. For that price, organizations can add an unlimited number of users to their accounts.

WebMerge Review - The Bottom Line

For organizations that frequently deal with customized documents-like contracts, invoices, and even confirmation letters-WebMerge is a web-based application can that streamline workflows and save countless hours. By giving users the ability to upload their own spreadsheet data, and then merging that data automatically to build customized documents, WebMerge is offering a unique product that isn't available elsewhere.

The company also stands apart from its competitors thanks to its integrations with other popular business services. Because it accepts data feeds from any source, WebMerge opens the door for its users who rely on outside business apps like Box or Formstack for day-to-day operations.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 5/5


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