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What Is an API? Your Guide to the Internet Business (R)Evolution

by Christophe Primault
Published on 29 March 2011

Many API initiatives start as a technology driven project. Most of these projects also need the endorsement or sponsorship of the business team in order to realize the full potential and to gain approval for the the appropriate investments. It is frequently a struggle to explain to the business team in a clear and compelling way why APIs are important to your business.

Benefits for a business and technical audience

3Scale which specializes on API management has prepared this whitepaper to help you benefit from their experience. The whitepaper is aimed at an audience of business executives and entrepreneurs who understand basic computing concepts, but do not have an engineering background. This will also be useful to CTO's and others in the technical team, who would like to learn other approaches to evangelize the need for an API. The whitepaper explains the basic definition of an API. It describes the dramatic changes in the way in which APIs have evolved - some would say it is a revolution. By way of analogy with the car industry and how industries scale up, it highlights the broader potential to completely reshape the way you can do business on the Internet. It is concluded with a peek at the future on how APIs will continue to grow in impact.


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