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What Makes for a Great User Review?

by Jessica O' Loughlin
Published on 16 May 2014

What makes a good user review? 5 stars? Sometimes, but not necessarily. A good user review, in our gentle opinion, focuses on giving an overview of a specific experience and then offering a few details that qualify the good, the bad and the so-so. The GetApp team has picked through our favorite reviews to offer up our fantastic readers as examples for how to write an insightful user review.

We chose these nine reviews because they offered a thorough attention to detail, filling out both pros and cons. Why? Of course we want you to choose one of our wonderful app friends, but user reviews have more value when they tell both sides of the story, they validate that the opinion is less biased, and it's lovely to offer our SaaS vendors good feedback too!

So let's just right in and see some great user review examples!

"This app has revolutionised how we gather data from our field users"

Canvas Business Apps and Forms - "Canvas has replaced email requests for data, electronic surveys from a number of different sites and the infamous 8th hand excel document that features 20 different types of formatting and no version control: Instead we now receive standard, regular data from our users in realtime. Field users like the simple design, the ease of use and the portability of an iPad app. Head office teams love the standardised data". Read more


Store Process Officer

"An Online Business in a Box"

Infusionsoft, Sales & Marketing Automation - "I've played with many other cheaper systems and wasted both time and money. Once you get your head around tagging and campaign sequences, Infusionsoft is really quite simple. At last a product where you don't have to fit what you want to do around a product's features. This does what I want for my business." Read more


Author and Trainer

"It's my secret to getting it all done!!"

InTouch CRM - "My company has used intouch CRM for several years now, we are pleased with it so we now recommend it to our clients. It does 98% of what in my opinion every small business owner needs to run and automate their business, from the day to day diary management, to setting up marketing campaigns, and it is affordable". Read more


Small and Medium Enterprise Marketing Specialist

"Awesome Product. Saves Us Countless Hours"

Harmony PSA - "I am honestly not sure how we ever did business before the introduction of Harmony. It has helped us in every part of our business, previously we were loosing so much £ due to incorrect invoicing, Harmony is awesome and captures everything :) I must have spent countless days looking for the "right" PSA tool and I just kept coming back to Harmony, I love it." Read more


Managing Director

"Everything you need, nothing you don't "

WinWeb Accounting App - "As a CA I am always advising my clients to choose a program that is simple, easy to use, affordable and that lets them focus on their business, not in their business. Its for these reasons that I love the WinWeb app. It's affordable which is also a nice change from the ever increasing prices charged by competitors". Read more


Client Manager

"Infusionsoft Rocks!"

Infusionsoft, Sales & Marketing Automation - "Infusionsoft is a great client management system that allows you to engage your database on a very consistent basis. Although the product itself does take sometime to figure out, once you get it, the tools and systems are limitless. You can basically build whatever "campaign" you want". Read more


SMB Entrepreneur

"Best on-premise CRM application available"

GoldMine CRM - GoldMine is the granddaddy of multiple-user, on-premise CRM applications. GoldMine wrote the book on many of the features and the basic organization for CRM systems generally. I've been using GoldMine for over 20 years for business organization, sales management, and marketing. New CRM applications have come and gone, but no one has beat GoldMine for ease of navigation and capability to integrate with other applications". Read more


Owner, software services company

"How CATS Dominated My Search for an Applicant Tracking System"

CATS Applicant Tracking System - "I uploaded my stash of resumes, posted my open job orders and started moving candidates through the hiring process. It was simple. Other CATS features - Want to allow candidates apply through LinkedIn or Indeed? Check. Want to push jobs to your company Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page? Check. Mass emails, compliance reporting, automatic emails, job sharing with hiring managers, integration with Outlook and Word, a customizable jobs website? Check". Read more


Managing Director

"Helped me to build and then sell my company for 8 figures!"

Infusionsoft, Sales & Marketing Automation - "Flexibility! If I want to send emails, no problem. Faxes - Done. Internal communications - No problem. Voice mail - You betcha'. No other software can do this - It's not just online marketing it's fully integrated marketing software that even gives you a visual campaign builder to boot!" Read more




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