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Do Human Resources Really Matter Anymore?

by Jennifer Riggins
Published on 27 June 2014

You have a tight budget, are tight on time, plus you're a small business, you see or talk to your employees pretty much every day. There's no need to over-complicate that all by adding formal human resources or an HR software into the mix. Those are all just for bigger companies that need to organize huge staffs and can afford all those business software. An HR software would just complicate it all, right? Wrong.

A human resources software can increase your return on investment in a way that can actually save you time and money, while also improving the communication between you and your employees. We will show you how to choose the right HR software for your small business by prioritizing your needs and matching a human resources solution with them

7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs an HR Software

  1. You don't have time to juggle paperwork.
  2. You don't have the legal and accounting knowledge to stay compliant.
  3. You don't have time to dedicate to finding lost, disorganized paperwork.
  4. Your employees much be paid on time. You can't risk any payroll mishaps.
  5. You want your company to be transparent.
  6. You want to organize your hiring.
  7. You want your company to scale smoothly.

"If there's one thing small businesses shouldn't have to spend an extra second thinking about, it's HR paperwork," Parker Conrad of Zenefits human resources solution told GetApp. "The last thing you want to do when you're trying to run a small business is chase a paper trail of forms for employee health insurance, payroll and benefits. After all, the top priority for SMBs ought to be people, not paperwork."

Determine Your Needs: What to Look for in an HR Software

Before even starting to Google about and click around looking for a human resources solution, you need to figure out your human resources needs. Here we offer you an overview of how to do just that:

  • List your main business functions
  • Who does what? How often?
  • What don't you deal with
  • What stresses you most? Payroll? Benefits? On-boarding/Off-boarding? Compliance?
  • Prioritize what you need now

"Ideally, you want a system that keeps costs low. Zenefits is free because it takes a commission when it signs up employees with third-party benefit providers," Conrad continued. "Be sure to find a system that offers the lowest cost alternative for your SMB, and be sure that it connects seamlessly to all of your third-party benefit systems - so every time you update an employee's information in one system, you don't have to go in and manually do it in five others. The ideal for workforce software allows for simple, paperless management from a single, easy to use online dashboard.

Here Are 7 Tools to Shred that Spreadsheet and Automate Human Resources

We have gone ahead and given you the highlights of # human resources software that's geared toward small business or at those that are a good fit for your business while it's small, but has an easy ability to scale with you. And we used the real reviews from real users to tell you what small business owners' favorite parts are.

Zenefits: All-In-One Online HR: Payroll | Benefits | Compliance

What it does: Also known as Jared Leto's favorite app, Zenefits [Official Website] is THE rising star in the HR world (they've had $80 million invested in just this year) is, as Conrad mentioned, a little different because it doesn't cost you anything. It brings together the different people in your company by managing all processes - including benefits that are automatically pulled in, payroll, time off, and on-boarding in five steps - in one dashboard.


Why it rocks: Super easy, free, highly recommended. "The process of getting set up with vision, dental and healthcare was super simple and the customer service has always been great with our questions."


Workable: Your hiring, made workable

What it does: Workable [Official Website] is your go-to mobile hiring platform that allows you to focus on finding the best candidate to join your team, automatically screening to create a shortlist for you. It allows you to import your current job processes or candidates or to start your applicant process from scratch. It allows you to recruit via LinkedIn,, and social media.


Why it rocks: Really easy to use (with no learning curve), low price, straightforward, simple, evolving very quickly. "Hiring without Workable is so 1990!"


BambooHR: The No. 1 online HR software for small and medium-sized businesses.

What it does: BambooHR [Official Website] is the Coca-Cola of human resources apps. It's your human resources management and information services app, benefits tracking system, on-boarding, off-boarding and new hires tool, which even stores important documents and contracts - all from your iPhone or Android. Plus, it has a self-service system for your employees too.


Why it rocks: Modern, intuitive, great, flexible. "The personal contact with the BambooHR team has been extraordinary good right from the start. Their customer service is great!"


FinancialForce HCM: Complete HR Solution for SMB from Hire to Retire

What it does: FinancialForce Human Capital Management [Official Website] is probably the most integrated option, as it can stand alone or be integrated with the entire FinancialForce Enterprise Resource Planning system, which is a larger part of the much greater Salesforce ecosystem. Like some of the other big names, it includes absence/leave, benefits, workforce collaboration, and scheduling, but also has a strong focus on measuring and monitoring employee development. It even puts a face to the many (or few) members of your company on its' mobile platform.


Why it rocks: "Simply the best solution available for small and mid size business. It has everything we needed in one integrated solution. The ability to completely configure and customize was a huge bonus."


TribeHR: Workforce Management & HR

What it does: TribeHR Workforce Management Software [Official Website] is another well-known HR solution for small businesses, in fact we use it at our start-up for managing hiring processes with LinkedIn and vacation days. TribeHR doesn't have the benefits and payroll packages that come with other apps - though it does integrate with ADP and PayChex - but rather its focus with organizing staff calendars, job descriptions and particularly setting goals and providing training.


Why it rocks: Easy, nice, efficient, intuitive. "As an employee, I love this tool, because it allows me to see org chart easily, allows me to plan vacation days, and check when my colleagues are going on vacation."


EmpXtrack: Integrated Talent Management Software on Cloud

What it does: EmpXtrack talent management software [Official Website] lets you manage the entire employee lifecycle, from from recruitment and on-boarding to performance management and appraisals to general human capital management. It even allows for flexible automation like for training management, compensation planning including variable structure, and employee self-service. Bonus, EmpXtrack offers 24/7 customer support.


Why it rocks: "I have found it to be highly flexible with a huge number of features, makes my job very easy as a manager, would highly recommend it to users of all sizes."


Sapience: Employee Productivity and Time Management Software

What it does: Sapience [Official a more than 20 percent gain in organization productivity. They claim they can do this without any changes to existing processes. It compiles data on working patterns to turn the boring office grind into what it calls "reasonable work time" and a more "efficient use of time."


Why it rocks: "We have registered a 40 percent increase in the productive hours."


Are you ready to get your staff organized?

To compare these HR apps with more than 100 more, check out our full list of human resources software.


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