Why You Should Attend CloudBeat 2012 (and Get a Fat Discount!)

Why You Should Attend CloudBeat 2012 (and Get a Fat Discount!)

by Christophe Primault
Published on 20 November 2012

Our friends at VentureBeat are holding their annual cloud event - CloudBeat 2012 - on Nov 28-29 in Redwood City CA.

We almost never promote a specific event but after having a deep look at their agenda, we believe at GetApp that it is a great event to attend for cloud business users.

Read below why it is worth it attending and how you can get …a 25% discount off the normal price!

I have attended many Cloud events in the last years and got often frustrated with the focus being on vendors and not users.

I was expecting the same old story from CloudBeat 2012 but after a second look at the agenda, I realized that this one could actually be a good fit for cloud enterprise users.

If you are an IT or business leader and are taking a pragmatic approach to adopting cloud solutions, then unlike other cloud events, CloudBeat has been putting you (the adopters) front and center to share experiences and insights on what really works.

What I am the most interested with at these events are Case Studies and practical Breakouts/Workshops.

These are the sessions of the agenda that I find the most attractive:

Case Studies

"Building the Business Case for Cloud in Large Enterprise" with Frank Edwards, Director, IT Strategy, PepsiCo as a speaker.

" The perfect storm" of challenges facing today's healthcare providers and how they are using cloud computing"

"How France's SFR used a "Chocolate Factory" to Launch its $300M Cloud Company"

" How Harvard and it's Neighbors Embrace Cloud Efficiencies"

"The S Factor: Optimizing a Cloud-Based Platform for Scalability and Security" with Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy, CTO, Cinchcast

" How Diebold the Global ATM Leader Architected Next-Gen Cloud Services, and Supported Legacy Apps Portfolio with PAAS "

" Is The Cloud: Secure Enough for Healthcare" with Ken Stineman, Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture & Security, Genomic Health

" How Kaplan TestsHigh with Google" with Amit Singh, Vice President, Google Enterprise and Edward Hanapole, CIO, Kaplan

Practical Breakouts

"Development & Testing in the Cloud"

"Integration: Lightweight Cloud Integration vs. Enterprise-grade" (my favorite topic of the year!)

"Visibility: how to proactively search for tools that give real-time insight of use of Cloud."

"PaaS: Polyglot or best of breed?"

Great Speakers

Beside end users giving hands on experience some other great speakers at the event will be:

Stephen Herrod, CTO, VMware

Sanjay Poonen, President & Corporate Officer, SAP

Lew Tucker, VP & CTO, Cloud Computing, Cisco

Peter Coffee, VP of Platform Research, Salesforce

Rafal Los, Senior Security Strategist, HP

A Touch of Innovation

Another event highlight is the Innovation Showdown, a lively competition where the organizers have invited 7 new companies that are leveraging the cloud in revolutionary ways.

They are expecting over 500 industry executives, with a mix of business and IT decision makers, analysts, investors, marketers, big brands/retailers, that should also make a great opportunity to forge interesting relationships.

Get a 25% Discount

CloudBeat 2012 is on Nov 28-29, that is almost tomorrow, in Redwood City CA, and we're offering the GetApp community a special discount for 25% off!

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