HR & Employee Management Articles Review – Performance Management Solution

by Jonathan Garro
Published on 10 December 2013 Review - Web tools to help your business perform better

When the success of your business depends on the success of your employees, giving them the tools they need becomes a top priority. on Salesforce helps improve the performance of your team through recognition, coaching and feedback. The three tiers of products, known as Motivate, Align, and Perform, build off of each other to create a multi-faceted, feature-rich solution for any organization. is also fully integrated with the Salesforce platform - so no need to sign on to an entirely different tool. In this review, I will examine the main features of each of these tools and explore ways that it can help both your employees and managers. Review - Description of the Tools


More than two thirds of employees say they would work harder if they were better recognized. The base package offered by, known as Motivate, helps you do just that. Create a collaborative culture where feedback and recognition are constantly given in real time. Motivate harnesses gamification through badge recognition directly within Salesforce to increase employee engagement and productivity. Through the use of dashboards you can keep track of metrics and engage employees by constructing leaderboards.

Gamify performance

Gamify performance

Motivate comes with fifteen predefined badges readily available. From "Teacher" to "Competition Crusher" these badges exemplify popular, positive aspects of employees. You can also create your own personalized badges to exemplify your company culture.

With Motivate all your employees receive their own profile, which contains up-to-date and in-depth information about that individual. As people complete goals, get recognized and develop skills their profile is instantly updated - building that employee's reputation. Since is fully integrated with Salesforce as well, badges can be triggered automatically based on any parameter you choose. Completion of new training, reception of certificates, or achieving sales quotas are just a few examples that can be hooked up.



As amazing as receiving a reward is, everybody loves some extra spending money. Motivate gives you the ability to attach Real Rewards directly with a badge. In a survey conducted by the consulting firm McKinsey, it was found sales reps value "praise and commendation" over any other reward - including bonuses. Make it happen with Motivate from


The Align package builds on the features introduced in Motivate and allows you to drive more business with the ability to create goals and real-time coaching. Employees can align their goals to understand how those goals fit into the company's mission whichs boosts employee engagement.

Coaching is a great way to foster effective relationships within your organization by pairing employees with more experience with those that could benefit from personalized advice. Align allows managers to create 1:1 coaching relationships that are tied directly to employees goals, allowing them to give valuable feedback. New employees can also get up to speed by setting up aligned 30/60/90 days goals, connecting them with others to develop their own skills.



Simply setting a goal is one thing, but making sure that people are striving to achieve them is another. Align, as well as letting you align goals with other, lets you tie in Salesforce metrics to that task. Now, employees can see in real-time how they are progressing towards their goals. A dashboard aggregates all of this data, and helps managers visualize their team's progress. Allowing coaches to see hot spots and where the business is heading - before they happen.


The Perform package is designed to take all of the information that has accumulated and analyze it in a way that helps you make smarter decisions moving forward. Over 45 percent of human resource leaders don't think annual performance reviews are an accurate appraisal of employees work. Therefore performance reviews must be fair and relevant in order to be effective, and Perform helps you harness the Motivate and Align data to offer your employees just that.

Performance summary

Performance summary

The reporting features allows you to filter by project, time period, and more in order to hone in on whatever aspect of performance you are most interested and include it in the performance review. All of the content that you choose to include can also be actionable directly within So if a salesperson needs to improve their sales of a given product, that goal can be directly integrated into the user's profile. As some feedback is most effective when it is honest and anonymous, all users can offer unsolicited feedback to others without including their name.

Pricing uses a straightforward, three-tiered pricing system. Each package includes the features of the package or packages below it and adds additional functionality. The Motivate level costs $10 per user, per month, the Align costs $15, and the Perform $20.

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Salesforce has already developed a reputation for being a powerhouse in the business app marketplace thanks to their effective solutions and attention to detail. Perhaps what makes so appealing is the fact that, as a product of Salesforce, the integration to such a widely used platform is seamless. Users can simply use their Salesforce login information and will find is just another suite of tools at their disposal.

The popularity of social networking has continued to grow in the business sector thanks to the clear and measurable benefit that collaboration offers. We have seen with this review that it harnesses all of the benefits of social networking by approaching performance management from a new perspective. The app mixes social networking with powerful performance management by turning work achievements into a game - one in which your employees both compete against each other and keep track of their own professional progress. The app is as fun for your employees as it is useful.

The tight integration with Salesforce, and the simple scalability based on the size of your team, make well worth a try.