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Workable Review – Streamlining Hiring and Making It Workable

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 25 March 2013

workable review

workable review

Hiring decisions are difficult and rarely easy. Complexity is ingrained into the process.

This week we will look at a solution that simplifies the hiring process using existing Internet tools and process. In this Workable review we will dive into an innovative hiring and tracking recruiting software. We will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to you.

A Winning Proposition

Workable combines the power of LinkedIn's 200 million professionals with Internet technology and SaaS pricing. Nikos Moraitakis says Workable is based on a winning formula."The benefit for the job-seeker is obviously that he can apply with one click," he says. "For the employer, the benefit is that when we receive structured data, we can analyze and display it in an elegant and practical manner that helps screening." Everybody wins, he concludes.

Moraitakis says the solution focuses on simplifying the most time-consuming taks: browsing and screening through candidates. They do this with a candidate browser that's prettier and more usable than what you get from similar products in the space. "We were hiring managers ourselves and have used almost everything in the market," he says. "Now we are trying to build something better."

Their efforts seem to be succeeding. Apart from gaining multiple customers for their product (and a surge of funding), customer testimonials about the usability of their product are pouring in.

According to one of their customers, CEO of Neverbland, the most exciting thing about Workable is the user experience. "Not only is this product beautifully designed, the effort that has gone into crafting such a great user experience really shines through" he says.

A Workable Human Resources Solution

Workflow for the solution is fairly simple. Because LinkedIn is the base for all operations within the solution, it is important for you to have a LinkedIn account. Immediately after login, you can create a careers page for your organization. This page serves two purposes: it is your home on the Workable site and can also be embedded on your company's website to advertise openings.

Creating jobs within the solution follows a standard workflow of detailing requirements for jobs, establishing screening requirements in which you can assign rules for each of the job criteria, collaborating with co-workers and colleagues to vetapplicants, and finally publishing the job to job boards and social media. Workable has already tied up with Indeed, one of the largest job boards on the Internet, to post your job automatically to their site.

The real utility of Workable becomes evident after the job posting has been published and resumes trickle in. Workable has several features to speed up processing of resumes. You can establish preset filter criteria for resumes. You can also collaborate with co-workers and colleagues and mark up individual resumes with comments.

One of the more awesome features of the site is the candidate comparison browser, which enables you to compare multiple candidate profiles within a single browser instance. The layout is clean and accommodates multiple candidate profiles at the same time. In addition, it enables you to compare their qualifications against major criteria you have shortlisted for the job. Thus, it speeds up the hiring process.


Workable also helps you identify and track statistics related to your hiring efforts through a range of analytics such as sources for overall responses and best quality responses. This helps job advertisers cut costs by eliminating job boards that do not provide quality leads. The solution also sends you a weekly or daily activity update for all listed positions.

On the anvil are several enhancements, including integrations with other, major social networks such as Indeed Apply, Facebook and Github. Integrations with other, major job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder and SimplyHired are also in the pipeline. The idea is to enable candidates to provide an enriched view of their work. In addition, the folks at Workable HR are planning a dashboard of internal KPIs that illuminate internal statistics. For example, one of the metrics they plan to include is hiring velocity time (or the time from opening to filling a position). This will help organizations drive efficiencies in their existing HR systems.

The Basics: What Does The Interface Look Like?

The interface is simple, clean, and minimal. The homepage consists of two links: Dashboard and Activity. Explaining the concept behind the interface, Moraitakis says that they built a design "that helps you focus on what matters." The designers seem to have succeeded in that endeavour. While my test account had little by way of details, Moraitakis informs me that most small businesses have packed dashboard with useful information, communicated in a visual format, minus clutter and confusion.

workable 2

Pros & Cons

I have already mentioned several benefits to the solution in the previous section. However, the most significant benefit relates to driving efficiencies in the hiring process. The solution's developers have already made some smart decisions while designing the software. For example, they chose to integrate with the world's largest resume database - LinkedIn - eliminating work for candidates as well as employers. Similarly,multiple features within the solution, such as candidate comparison and collaboration, enable recruiters to simplify the hiring process. Finally, the interface's simplicity and minimalism enables recruiters to focus on essential tasks, instead of being diverted to clutter.

As with most good solutions, things can be made even better. For example, candidates currently lack the functionality to upload resumes. However, Moraitakis clarifies that the facility is already in the works. Although I have mentioned this earlier, I do think a rich dashboard of analytics will also help small businesses quantify their hiring efforts.


Workable uses tiered pricing, based on the number of positions advertised through the solution and support provided. Much like other SaaS solutions, Workable has a free version that can, with increased payments, scale up to an enterprise version. The enterprise version enables users to advertise upto 25 open positions and gets them premium support through multiple channels and a dedicated account manager.

The Bottomline

The solution is more than Workable! With its free listings and comprehensive collaboration features, Workable is an excellent solution to manage and track your job listings. Highly recommended!


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