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WorkTrail Review – Time Tracking Without Interruptions

by Stephanie Miles
Published on 16 September 2014

WorkTrail Review - An excellent solution for individuals and small teams, providing all the necessary tools that a time tracking application should offer Time tracking tools that require users to continually press buttons each time they switch between projects and tasks can oftentimes cause more headaches than they solve. That's why WorkTrail was created. The cloud-based work tracking platform records what its users are working on in real-time, without causing any unnecessary interruptions along the way. In this WorkTrail review , I plan on taking the web-based solution for a test drive and explaining how WorkTrail functions from a user-focused perspective. After going over some of the platform's most important features, user interface, and benefits, I will describe which types of companies would be best served by integrating a system like WorkTrail into their existing workflows.

WorkTrail Review - About the Solution

WorkTrail is a cloud-based platform that professionals can use to quickly and easily track the time they spend working on all different types of projects and tasks. The application functions on both PCs and mobile devices, enabling the real-time tracking of projects throughout the pipeline. Created with the needs of individuals, partners, teams, and small to mid-size companies in mind, WorkTrail supports calendar views and history editing, and integrates with existing business apps through its developer API.

Main Functionality of WorkTrail

The heart of WorkTrail is the platform's real-time work tracking feature. Before starting new projects or tasks, users visit the WorkTrail platform via their desktop or mobile devices and start the "record" timer. In the event a user forgets to start the timer, WorkTrail allows for the start time of work to be manually adjusted using history editing features, as well. Each time entry in WorkTrail should be associated with a task. This ensures that the time entry is properly categorized, and it's what makes it possible for companies to efficiently generate detailed statistics about what individual users or teams have actually been working on in a given day. By linking time entries to individual tasks, which can be associated with larger projects, WorkTrail has enabled its users to create their own detailed work reports, view and export them in various ways. These reports may be customized to show every work time entry, along with summaries of the work that was completed. WorkTrail's timesheets also group the amounts of time worked by a team into days and tasks.

Benefits of Using WorkTrail

The goal of WorkTrail is to keep users organized and on task. The web-based application accomplishes this mission easily, thanks to its straightforward work time recording features and simplified visual design. This method of time tracking is highly accurate, and it lends a level of assurance to clients that the invoices they are receiving are based on the actual hours that a company has spent working on its projects. Of course, there will always be days when employees will forget to record the time they spent working on projects or tasks. Rather than writing off that time as wasted, WorkTrail provides users with tools that they can use to adjust their time entries by hand. Using the calendar view and history editing features, a user can record the two hours he spent working on a client project over the weekend, or he can subtract the time he spent on a lunch break before it's ever seen by a client.

The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

The first step when you start using WorkTrail is to create new "work" in your "work stack." Type up a summary of your work, and WorkTrail will automatically begin tracking the time you've spent working. All work entries should be assigned to tasks created like "Evaluation," or to organizational tasks for employee timesheets like "Break," and "Unassigned." worktrail work stack

Work Stack interface

Edit the tasks you create in WorkTrail at any time. In addition to adding a description of a task, you'll also be prompted to set an estimate on the number of hours that the task will require, along with the task status. Larger teams can assign specific tasks to individual employees, as well. Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.47.13 PM

Window to add a description of the task and time estimate

Generate detailed reports that show how much time your team has spent working on specific projects or tasks. For example, you can see what percentage of your company's time has been spent working on bookkeeping tasks vs. sales tasks. You can also generate reports for individual employees or date ranges. worktrail work reports

Work reports about your team's tasks and dedication

Support Information WorkTrail users who visit the company's Help section will find documentation, tutorials, videos and best practices articles. WorkTrail has published these articles in an attempt to help its users get the most out of its platform. A separate tutorial is available for Android and iOS app users, as well. Pricing Information WorkTrail is free for personal use. Teams with two to three people can expect to pay 9 EUR / 12 USD per month; teams with 4 to 10 collaborators can expect to pay 24 EUR / 34 USD per month; there are also plans for up to 75 collaborators and in case you plan to use WorkTrail company-wide in a scope higher than that you should contact WorkTrail for custom pricing information. All plans actually come with a one month free trial period and have no minimum subscription time.

WorkTrail Review - The Bottom Line

For individuals and small teams/departments,, WorkTrail is an excellent solution that provides all the necessary tools that a time tracking application should offer. In addition to basic time recording features, the solution provides users with history editing tools. Because WorkTrail's web-based user interface is inspired by the company's mobile apps, smartphone and tablet users should have no problem switching between devices while using the system. WorkTrail is designed for the way people work today - repeatedly flipping back and forth between tasks and devices throughout the workday. The system also keeps all task durations and total times updated as users are currently recording their times, which enables users to quickly see how much time they've recorded for the current day as well as the task in total.


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