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Yesware Review – Take the Guess Work Out of Email Selling and Pitching

by Michele Nachum
Published on 21 March 2013

Yesware review

You send out seemingly hundreds of emails to customers and get not one response - maybe an "out of office" reply and we all know those do not count. You scratch your head and wonder why out of so many emails not ONE person thought to return your email. Was it the email address? The subject line? The copy or template of the email? Is everyone just incredibly busy or incredibly rude? What is not resonating?

Two weeks later - you send out more emails - and get several replies - finally! What made that email more successful?

Many sales and marketing teams that depend on email as a major form of outreach often wonder what the secret is to that one email that has the magic touch.

We will discover some of this beauty in this Yesware review, a solution that helps sales teams who need to pitch and sell via email to better understand who is opening what emails and when. Let's see how to take some of the guesswork out of the whole email process.

Yesware is a relatively new online product developed for sales teams to help them better understand their emails - and has several tools to help teams track and analyze their email flow. The Yesware tracker gives you first hand knowledge of when the prospect is opening your email - and offers you the opportunity to call that person right as they are considering your email. More advance tools that report on what emails and subject lines and templates are resonating as well to merit some sort of action on behalf of the respondent.

What Does it Look Like?

Yesware works mostly Gmail but also has an application for Outlook 2013. For purposes of this review, I will be referring to the Gmail interface.

When you download Yesware, you will find that it fits in nicely and becomes a part of the email experience with a ribbon of its own so you can choose to look at the tracker, your list of opened/unopened emails, templates and more. Below are some of the main features:

status tracker


Yesware allows you to save templates which sales teams can use and even customize for their email correspondence. Therefore you can determine which template is resonating well among prospects and clients and share those out with your team.



At the very heart of Yesware is the email tracking - and that feature will show you when and if a recipient opened/answered your email. This is interesting - as you can experiment to see what subject lines are getting the most attention. In addition, you can determine if the recipient just open the email or do they actually read and respond? When you are in sales and have to depend on emails to open doors, the tracking feature is very enlightening.

Team Collaboration and Team Reports

Yesware allows teams to join together and share templates, copy ideas for email, strategies and analytics. Since you can print out reports of who opened your emails, and what subject lines and templates seemed to peak interest - teams can work together and learn from one another.


In addition, team reports allow managers to ascertain how well their team is doing. Managers can get an overview of email progress and see who is getting responses from their emails and have a better understanding of what email templates and copy are resonating with potential customers.

Salesforce Synch/CRM Integration

Yesware allows sales teams to integrate with Salesforce as well as with other CRM solutions. For Salesforce, users can create and edit Salesforce tasks directly from their Gmail as well as automatically synch all tracking data including sent and opened emails, replies, and more. In addition, this corroboration allows you to get activity reports from Salesforce so you can see your progress.

If you use other CRM programs, Yesware allows you to synch with a number of products from BatchBook to SugarCRM and services like TimeTrade.

Will It Fit Your Budget?

Yesware is an affordable application and at the most basic level it provides email tracking - it is free for 100 events per month. You will get charged a scant $5 per month if you want unlimited email tracking as well as one small team. At the higher levels which can go from $20 to $50 per month, Yesware allows you to get unlimited tracking as well as advanced team reports, Salesforce synch and the ability to create multiple teams of any size.

Is It For You?

Yesware is a very helpful program for businesses that depend on email as a major form of communication. Sales and public relations teams come immediately to mind - as both professions depend on sending out large email correspondences to "sell" a recipient on a product, service, press release and more. That said, even for professions outside of sales and PR - there might be uses - so the good news is that the application is free at a certain level and businesses can try it out with very little downside. I was especially impressed with the fact that Yesware integrates with several CRM services such as - as that will be of great help to teams that use CRM to record and gauge their sales activities.

Overall, if a business is sending out a lot of email correspondence, then Yesware is a very helpful tool.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 5/5 and ease of deployment 5/5