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Zoho Recruit Review – Recruitment and Applicant Tracking Software

by Matthew Stibbe
Published on 26 March 2014

Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one recruitment and applicant tracking system that caters to the needs of both recruiting agencies and in-house corporate recruiters by simplifying the entire hiring process, from sourcing to hiring.

Zoho Recruit Review

(This review is based upon information provided by the vendor and gathered through independent research. The vendor provided detailed product specifications and marketing materials, as well as an in-depth product demonstration. Further research was conducted surrounding business needs, market competition and software functionality.)

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Recruiting is changing. Potential candidates have much more of an accessible online presence but many companies still struggle to capitalise on this trend and hire efficiently. Instead, they run the risk of letting talent slip through their fingers.

Zoho Recruit empowers recruitment agencies and in-house human resources (HR) teams, providing them with a powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use tool to source top talent, build a pool of promising resumes and track applicants through the whole process. Gone are the days of relying on pieces of paper and a spreadsheet.

  • Recruiting and applicant tracking made simple. Zoho Recruit automates much of the recruitment process. For example, contact with each candidate (whether through SMS or email) and client is logged on their particular candidate or client page; scheduled interviews are automatically placed in the integrated calendar; and the system parses resumes in Word format to auto-populate custom fields
  • Feature-rich and easy to use. Zoho Recruit successfully mixes high functionality with ease of use. The dashboard gives you a clear and brief overview of recent activity and each feature has its own tab for easy navigation. All Zoho products share a similar interface, so Zoho Recruit will be familiar if you've used other Zoho software in the past.
  • Create and publish job openings. Zoho Recruit makes it easy to create job openings to your or your client's specifications and publish them on your website or popular online job boards like LinkedIn, SimplyHired, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Glassdoor and more.
  • Integration. All the recruitment tools you need are here. Zoho Recruit integrates with other Zoho software, like Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail and Zoho Calendar, as well as third party products, such as Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook. LinkedIn integration means that candidates can be associated with their LinkedIn page, providing more information than just a resume.
  • Everything in one place. Having all of your information in one place makes your recruiting activities much more organised. It allows you to more effectively track the progress of applicants and keep clients notified about your activities.
  • Make it yours. Zoho Recruit is fully customisable and has an open API meaning you can shape it to your unique business demands.

Ultimately, Zoho Recruit is a flexible all-in-one recruiting and applicant tracking system that eliminates the need for a disparate collection of recruiting tools from multiple vendors.

Business needs

User experience is the new battleground in the world of recruiting, reports Forbes, with 'improved user experience' being one of the biggest reasons for companies to shift to cloud-based recruiting software.

Zoho Recruit streamlines and automates the recruitment process for staffing and recruitment agencies and internal HR teams and makes applicant tracking easy, all with an intuitive user interface.

The software, split into an external recruitment agency version and internal HR version, allows you to post job openings, track applicants, create and manage a resume database and keep a record of your clients, alongside a raft of other useful features.

Zoho Recruit also lets you generate reports, meaning external recruitment agencies can keep clients informed and HR teams can track and monitor their progress and effectiveness.

In addition, corporate HR teams can pair up Zoho Recruit with Zoho's human resources information system (HRIS), Zoho People, to create a one-vendor system for everything from recruiting to talent management. There's no need to create an inefficient and costly patchwork system from various vendors.

Zoho Recruit makes the whole recruitment process simple, from sourcing to interviewing to hiring. And, being fully customizable, Zoho Recruit can be exactly tailored to your unique demands.


Zoho Recruit offers two versions of its software: one for independent recruiters and staffing agencies, and one for in-house HR teams, catering to the recruiting and applicant tracking needs of both.

As an example, Ah Cacao is just a small, 35 person business managing three retail stores and a wholesale business. In the company no one is dedicated to human resources. The general manager didn't have the time to continue contacting candidates by email. Zoho Recruit made the recruiting process much more streamlined and automated.

Backed up by a host of other Zoho products that specialise in addressing the various business needs of SMBs, Zoho Recruit is ideally placed to meet the recruiting and applicant tracking demands of SMBs, whatever their business vertical. The majority of Zoho Recruit's customers have five to ten users but, with an Enterprise Edition of the product on its way, it is also capable of handling much larger numbers and addressing the needs of much bigger firms.


In 2012, Forbes estimated that the total worldwide recruiting market was over $130 billion in software, services, content, consulting, and staff and it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.52 percent over the period 2012-2016, according to TechNavio.

The global recruitment market, therefore, is highly competitive and very fragmented with numerous companies competing for market share.

Zoho Recruit sees competition from recruitment and applicant tracking software providers, such as CATS, PCRecruiter, Recruiterbox, Taleo and Bullhorn, and players in the growing area of social recruiting, like LinkedIn.

Zoho Recruit distinguishes itself from its rivals, however, by providing a powerful all-in-one recruitment and applicant tracking package, backed up by a suite of other Zoho products, for a reasonable price. In addition, it caters to both recruitment agencies and in-house HR departments with two separate versions of its software. And, with an Enterprise Edition in the pipeline, Zoho Recruit is well placed to deal with the demands of both small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises.


Zoho Recruit has been developed to recruit and track applicants in an easy, effective way, whether you're an in-house HR team or an external recruitment agency.

A number of features illustrate this:

  • Fully customisable. Zoho Recruit can be tailored exactly to your recruitment needs with the ability to add and edit custom fields and statuses. And, with an open API, Zoho Recruit is what you make of it.
  • Cost-effective. Zoho Recruit has a very competitive pricing plan: $25 a month per user, with a 10 percent discount for yearly plans, makes it cheaper than many of its rivals.
  • All-in-one. Zoho Recruit integrates with a number of other Zoho products, such as Zoho CRM, as well as third party services, like Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook and LinkedIn. In addition, its external and in-house versions mean it meets the demands of both recruitment agencies and corporate HR teams. It's a one-stop shop for recruitment and applicant tracking.
  • User-friendly. If you've used another of Zoho's products, you'll quickly take to Zoho Recruit. It pairs high functionality with an intuitive user interface.


Zoho Recruit offers a highly competitive pay-as-you-go pricing structure. There is the Free Edition, for those who wish to trial the software, and the Standard Edition, which is $25 a month per recruiter. An Enterprise Edition is coming soon. The Standard Edition comes in two versions - one for staffing agencies and independent recruiters and the other for in-house HR teams. Both yearly and monthly plans are available, with the yearly plans providing savings of 10 percent. Add-ons are also available for an extra cost. You can get started easily with the 15 days Free Trial.


Zoho Reports Pricing1

Zoho reports pricing2

Zoho Reports Pricing3

Zoho Reports Pricing4

Zoho Reports Features

Extras and add-ons

Zoho Reports Features2

Product features

Feature and benefits Screenshot
The dashboard provides a clear overview of recent activities, active job openings, up-coming events and today's interviews.Zoho Recruit has an easy-to-use user interface that is very similar to other Zoho software. Zoho Reports Screenshots
The job openings tab gives you a rundown of all your job openings, showing you the status, client and number of candidates associated with the position. Zoho Reports Screenshots2
The right-hand column of the job openings tab allows you to easily add, import or export a job opening and customise the job opening form fields and configure email alerts for particular positions. Zoho Reports Screenshots3
You can quickly publish job openings to your website. Zoho Reports Screenshots4
And publish them to a selection of popular online job boards. Zoho Reports Screenshots5
The candidate tab gives you a quick overview of active candidates and their statuses.From here you can tag candidates with labels to easily filter through them more quickly; change their status; book an interview; and star those candidates who are particularly suitable for hire. Zoho Reports Screenshots6
You can import candidate resumes in three ways:Parse resumes from documents, social media sites and emails.Import from documents and Google Apps.Embed the resume form in your website, automating the process of getting resumes from your website into Zoho Recruit. Zoho Reports Screenshots7
Clicking on a particular candidate will open up their details, the fields of which should be auto-populated from information in the resume.From here you can view the candidates resume and then forward it to the client for approval.Zoho Recruit integrates with LinkedIn so you can associate candidates with their LinkedIn profile. Zoho Reports Screenshots8
Zoho Recruit gives you the ability to contact candidates by phone, email and SMS. All contact with a candidate is logged on their particular page.You can send bulk emails to candidates should you wish, for example, to invite a selection of candidates to an interview. Zoho Reports Screenshots9
A selection of email templates and the ability to create new templates make routine and mass emailing much simpler. Zoho Reports Screenshots10
You can associate a single candidate to multiple job openings, schedule an interview with the candidate or forward them and their original CV to the client. Zoho Reports Screenshots11
Zoho Recruit allows you to create and customise your careers page and the online candidate form.The information placed in these forms will automatically populate the candidate's profile on Zoho Recruit. Zoho Reports Screenshots12
You can customise the form fields to get the information you want. Zoho Reports Screenshots13
Email alerts can easily be set to notify you about changes to candidate status or if a new record is added. Zoho Reports Screenshots14
You can forward a candidate to a client and attach the original CV for approval. Zoho Reports Screenshots15
Zoho Recruit is integrated with Zoho People, Zoho's human resource information system, so hired candidates can be migrated into this system. Zoho Reports Screenshots16
The interview tab gives you a consolidated view of all the scheduled interviews. Zoho Reports Screenshots17
Once the interview has been carried out, you can recommend or reject the candidate or schedule another interview. Zoho Reports Screenshots18
The emails tab integrates with any email service with a POP client, such as Zoho Mail, Yahoo and Google.Emails from candidates and clients will also be recorded in their corresponding profiles in the candidate and client tabs.You can share these emails with other users.The emails tab is an add-on available at extra cost. Zoho Reports Screenshots19
The calendar tab integrates with either Zoho Calendar or Google Calendar.Scheduled interviews are automatically posted onto the calendar. Zoho Reports Screenshots20
The agency version of Zoho Recruit includes the client and client contacts tabs, which record the information and contact details of your clients. Zoho Reports Screenshots21
You can add, import (including importing from Zoho CRM) and export clients. Zoho Reports Screenshots22
The users tab gives you a rundown of all of the users and their information. Zoho Reports Screenshots23
From here you can grant and alter permissions. Zoho Reports Screenshots24
Recruiter Admins have unrestricted access. They can configure Zoho Recruit and add, edit and delete data. Zoho Reports Screenshots25
Recruiters can only add and edit the data, not delete or configure. Zoho Reports Screenshots26
Interviewers can only view information pertaining to the candidate they are interviewing. Zoho Reports Screenshots27
Guests can only view data and edit their assigned interview's schedule. Zoho Reports Screenshots27
The reports tab allows you to generate reports to monitor and analyse your activities.There are 20 standard reports along with the tools to create your own. Zoho Reports Screenshots28
You can easily customise your careers website page and edit the CSS to customise the appearance from Zoho Recruit. Zoho Reports Screenshots29
The Microsoft Outlook plug-in allows Outlook users to quickly add emails as candidates and clients to Zoho Recruit. Zoho Reports Screenshots30
You can edit your SMS settings and create SMS templates. Zoho Reports Screenshots31


Web browser requirements

- Compatible with all modern browsers

Database requirements

- Zoho Recruit is an entirely cloud-hosted product. It is not available for hosting on client servers

APIs and integration

- The API comes with all editions. You can integrate Zoho Recruit modules with other Zoho products, third party applications, portals and websites and tailor it to your needs.

Security and availability

- Physical security: 7x24x365 security, video monitoring, biometric access and bullet-resistant walls.

- Network security: encryption with 128/256-bit SSL, intrusion detection/prevention and virus scanning.

- Redundancy and business continuity:distributed grid architecture, power redundancy, internet redundancy, redundant network, devices, redundant, cooling and temperature control, geo mirroring, fire prevention, data protection and back up.

- Zoho is also US/EU Safe Harbour compliant.

Free Trial

- A Free Edition is available, but does not offer all of the features that come with the Standard Edition.

- A 15-day free trial runs for the Standard Edition.


Zoho Recruit is a one-stop shop for your recruiting and applicant tracking needs. Backed up by a complementary fleet of other Zoho products and with native integration with popular third party software, Zoho Recruit precludes the need for an ineffective multi-vendor system.

Dynamic and competitive as the recruitment market is, Zoho Recruit distinguishes itself with a number of distinctive features:

  • Easy to use but powerful. Zoho Recruit is packed full of useful features but retains the uncomplicated user interface characteristic of Zoho products.
  • Everything you need in one place. Zoho Recruit provides all the necessary tools for effective recruitment and applicant tracking. And, paired with Zoho People, it makes for a complete talent management system. It's an ideal single-vendor, all-in-one recruitment platform.
  • Cost-efficient. With a pay-as-you-go software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model, there are no large upfront costs to contend with - you only pay for what you need when you need it.
  • Integration, right from the box. Zoho Recruit offers incomparable integration, both with other Zoho products and third party services, like LinkedIn, Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook, so it can effortlessly fit in with your current infrastructure.

Whether you're an external recruitment agency or a corporate HR team, Zoho Recruit streamlines the whole recruiting process, helping you to source and track the most promising candidates for your business or your clients.


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