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Zopim Review – Simple and Engaging App for Customer Support

by Rakesh Sharma
Published on 28 March 2013


If you thought providing live customer support was a complex task, think again. This week we will review a solution that simplifies and converts this otherwise complicated task into a routine one.

In this review we will explain how you can use Zopim to engage visitors on your website with their live chat software. We will look at its features, interface, and see how it can be of use to you.

About Zopim

The name Zopim is a combination of IM and Zop. In case you were wondering what Zop stood for, as I did, the founders selected those three letters because they had "a nice ring to it and broke all the rules of company naming," according to Vy Tran, Business Development Manager at the company.

Meebo, the chat phenomenon from 2005, inspired the founders to work on Zopim. More specifically, Zopim's founders were interested in replicating the Meebo experience of instant messaging on a web browser on their own website for their own customers. "Little did they know they were entering a decade-old "Live Chat" industry, albeit with a revolutionary user interface," says Tran.

She outlines many reasons for small businesses to use the product. Among them is the solution's product design, which is intuitive and geared to help monitor and engage visitors effectively. Zopim also comes bundled with affordable SaaS pricing and great convenience, which translates into maximum mobility and flexibility in terms of integration with major CRM and ticketing systems.

Zopim is not just another live-chat company. While they already have a world-class customer support tool, the team at Zopim goes an extra mile to provide optimal services to their customers. "Customer satisfaction is our mantra," she says. "We listen to every single comment or feedback coming from our customers." Feedback gave them great motivation and impetus to build the company's first iOS app and plan for an Android app.

Customer Support With Zopim

The beauty of Zopim Live Chat lies in its seamless user experience. Configuration of the solution is as simple as embedding a JavaScript applet into each page of your website. Zopim chat widget is docked at a corner and helps visitors, only if they need help navigating your site. The real action, however, happens in the backend. Using the configuration specifics, a customer support agent can view invaluable data regarding the visitors such as number of past visits, chats, time on site or pages navigated by them. You can also see specifics pertaining to the visitor's browser, platform, device, IP address, and their location.

One of the more interesting aspects of the solution is its ability to manage complexity. Using Zopim, you can easily organize your customer support team and assign the agents to different departments such as Sales, Technical Support, etc.


You can also identify specific visitors to your website for example first-time visitors, return customers, etc. and configure chat triggers in response to specific user actions.

As abovementioned, Zopim also has multiple integrations that allow you to pass information back and forth between Zopim and other systems in your company such as CRMs and helpdesks. "Businesses can also use our tool to escalate an issue and create tickets or cases during the conversion to make sure your support team never misses a beat." says Tran.

In addition, Zopim is beta testing an excellent data visualization interface that enables users to generate reports and visualize data about their website.


Main Benefits of Zopim

Perhaps, the greatest reason to love Zopim Live Chat is its user-friendly product design. Implementation of the solution is a breeze and configuration of multiple parameters within the solution is also simple. I tested the solution and was able to run a sample chat between windows, as a visitor to my personal website as well as support agent, within minutes.

For example, configuring triggers is a simple matter of selecting the type of trigger and enabling the actual trigger from selected options.

You do not need technical knowledge or programming experience to enable the solution. This, I believe, is a major plus for users. I also liked the visualization feature and the solution's integration with major chat facilities such as Yahoo, Gtalk, and Skype. Thus, your agents can provide support from their preferred chat clients instead of logging into Zopim.


Zopim's tiered pricing structure is freemium-based. Thus, the most basic version of their product - known as Lite Plan - is free. Further pricing tiers depend on the number of concurrent chats, triggers, departments, and the Zopim widget customization. On a side note, Zopim allows you to customize the chat widget to reflect your company's branding. For example, the Basic Plan enables you to conduct unlimited chats and configure two specific triggers for your pricing action. "This plan is focused on chatting and less managing," explains Tran. "It packs a huge punch by giving small businesses access to our powerful trigger feature." Advanced pricing plans are for bigger teams, who are willing to allocate more resources to serve chats and require advanced segmentation features to track their efforts. Last but not least Zopim provides discounts for yearly plans.


Zopim has a simple and yet user-friendly support interface. Whenever you have any questions, you can chat with a Zopim agent using their chat facility. Alternately, you can also provide feedback regarding bugs or new features.

The Bottomline

The simplicity of Zopim is a joy to work with. Using this live chat solution, small businesses can be up and running efficiently with their support efforts in a few minutes. Added to that are the richness of data analytics and great flexibility in terms of integrating with other customer management systems.


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