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Zyyne Review – How to Create Attractive Online Flip Books in the Cloud

by Michele Nachum
Published on 15 February 2013

It was assumed a few years ago that with the popularity of mobile devices such as tablets, readers and smart phones that print magazines, newsletters, brochures and such would go away - become a dinosaur. Funny enough, while many of us are definitely reading books and magazines on our laptops, iPads and Kindles, we still like our reading materials in print.

Go to any magazine stand or bookstore and there are still hundreds of magazines and newspapers ready for purchase - you know, the kind you can hold in your hands and get paper cuts. That said, many of these publications, knowing that perhaps their time in print is somewhat limited, are turning to online flip books as a way to provide a more realistic look at a magazine, brochure, etc. online.


Whether they are used as a tool for customers looking to virtually flip through the latest issue of a trade or consumer publication, or an internal tool for advertising or publishing companies, applications such as Zyyne are helping companies easily put their content online in an attractive and easy-to-read manner.

Welcome to the World of Easy Online Content Creation

Zyyne is a solution that allows businesses to create an online magazine or flip book using HTML5 (which as the latest version of HTML, offers an attractive interface that can support beautiful graphics, animation, and more). Zyyne may not fit every business model - but for those businesses that publish magazines, brochures, catalogs and more, Zyyne offers an easy-to-use solution for creating attractive flip books online.

Not only does Zyyne allow you to organize your pages in a cohesive manner so readers can flip through the pages on their computers or mobile devices as they would a print magazine or book, but Zyyne offers a way to insert video and hyper-links into the pages to make the online magazine all the more interactive.

What Does It Look Like?

Zyyne is a relatively simple application to use and for those needing extra help, it does have an comprehensive FAQ and ample support.

The "back-end" of Zyyne looks like the graphic immediately below - it is a simple workspace that allows users to easily upload their pages in the order they want them. You can post common media formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint…but the pages must all be contained in just one file.

The application also assumes that the pages you upload are already designed and ready to go. However, users can make minor edits to correct proofing mistakes for instance within the Zynne interface. In addition, as mentioned previously, Zyyne allows you to add in links and video using the appropriate editors. If you want to make any major design changes to the pages once they are uploaded, a staff member at Zyyne can help you.

The format for adding video includes H.264 (.mp4, .mov, .f4v), FLV (.flv), 3GPP and according to Zyyne these must already be online. You can also integrate a Youtube video using its link right within one of the pages.

Zyyne helps you create flipbooks for both computer and mobile use. In addition, users can add in mobile QR tags to help readers take advantage of any promotional materials within the flipbooks.

Part of the perks of hosting your flipbooks on Zyyne and storing your finished products is that Zyyne will offer analysis and statistics on how well your online flipbook did - how many visitors looked through them, how many pages they flipped through and more.

Will it Fit Your Budget?

Pricing for Zyyne varies based on needs. Many of the subscription levels allow you to host your online flipbook on a number or even unlimited websites. The standard pricing is 19,90€ per month and allows you to create two publications. The next level at 49.99€ per month allows you to create 20 publications and host the flipbook on an unlimited number of websites. The next two levels are Pro and Company which are 99,99€ and 199,00€ per month respectively.

Is it for you?

Zyyne is a solution that is well-suited for those that publish magazines, brochures, newsletters, etc. The pricing (as we discussed above) is not prohibitive and if this is your business model, it shouldn't be stretch to use an application such as Zyyne. Currently the French-based company appears to have mostly French and European-based clients, but they are expanding so those from other regions (e.g.: the US) should not have a problem using the solution.

The HTML5 application allows businesses to create very attractive flipbooks and the analysis and other tools such as adding in video, links and QR codes give the solution depth.


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