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Free open-source developer toolkit with a full REST API

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Bouquet overview

Bouquet is a free and open source framework for developers to build customer-facing analytics applications. Users can build apps using the OpenBouquet Analytics API, generate custom business metrics and dimensions, and collaborate with developers, analysts and business users to work as a team.

Bouquet allows developers to focus on UX (user experience) and visualizations with HighCharts, D3.js, and more, as well as perform an interactive analysis with pivot, filter, drill‑down, and drill‑thru features. The platform includes automatic metadata dictionary generation based on existing SQL schema, automatic search within dimensions and smart data caching, and automatic SQL query generation.

Bouquet cloud allows standard user authentication using OAuth2.0, ApiKey or Single Sign On, (SSO) allowing users to plug into their existing portal to securely control user access to data. Teams of data analysts, data integrators, and developers can safely collaborate through self‑governed, invitation-based access control on metadata.

Bouquet’s full featured REST API includes an Analytics API which allows users to run any query, bookmarks, and project content browsing; a project API for creating projects, indexing dimensions, and viewing and editing metadata; a Management API for managing cache; and an Access Control API for defining user access rights, and more.


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Bouquet screenshot: Get visualizations with HighCharts, D3.js and othersBouquet screenshot: Users can collaborate to model and tweak analyticsBouquet screenshot: Create live, interactive, secure and scalable HighCharts dashboardsBouquet screenshot: Collaboration on metadata within the team of data analysts, data integrators, and developersBouquet screenshot: Define custom business metrics and dimensionsBouquet screenshot: Simplified collaboration on metadata within the team of data analysts, data integrators, and developersBouquet screenshot: New datasource connection configuration Bouquet screenshot: Interactive analysis includes pivot, filter, drill‑down, and drill‑thruBouquet screenshot: Use case: custom dashboard visual design

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Bouquet features

Collaboration Tools
Data Visualization

Activity Dashboard (114 other apps)
Ad hoc Reporting (72 other apps)
Business Intelligence (101 other apps)
Charting (75 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (82 other apps)
Dashboard Creation (93 other apps)
Data Filtering (80 other apps)
Data Import/Export (93 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (62 other apps)
Monitoring (71 other apps)
Real Time Analytics (98 other apps)
Real Time Data (77 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (55 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (89 other apps)
Third Party Integration (78 other apps)
Trend Analysis (55 other apps)
Visual Analytics (110 other apps)

Additional information for Bouquet

Key features of Bouquet

  • Collaboration
  • Data modeling
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Code assistance
  • Interactive analysis
  • Pivot, filter, drill-down, and drill-thru
  • Automatic metadata dictionary generation based on existing S
  • Automatic SQL query generation
  • Automatic search within dimensions and smart data caching
  • Standard user authentication
  • OAuth2.0, ApiKey or Single Sign On
  • Collaboration on metadata
  • Invitation-based access control
  • Connect directly to an SQL database
  • Define custom business metrics and dimensions
  • Collaborative space
  • Access control
  • Graphical user interface
  • Custom metrics
  • Data restrictions
  • Smart data caching
  • Analytics API
  • Project API
  • Management API
  • Access Control API
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Bouquet provides users with a full-featured API framework to develop analytics apps and collaborate on projects.

Users can take advantage of the OpenBouquet Analytics API in order to focus more on user experience (UX) and data-visualizations, as well as browse project content, and more.

Front-end developers are able to query the data necessary for their purpose, such as create a dashboard, a report, or a connector for third-party apps.

The platform's RESTful API provides advanced security features such as authorizations at user level, single sign-on, and data restrictions for each dimension of data.

With the Bouquet API, the analytics in applications become more reliable, quicker to develop and test, as well as easier to scale and maintain.