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ChartMogul use case: Dawn Green

Dawn Green

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21st of January, 2017
Good idea, poorly executed

We signed up for Chartmogul despite having metrics available from our own integrated programming for our app and Chargify metrics. The support was abysmal. I wrote no less than 5 times without a single response during my trial period -- a time when one would think their customer service would be fantastic to reduce the very churn they measure, and I only got a response from the CEO after posting to Twitter about the poor response. After my tweet, I heard from them. But when two weeks passed and I asked more questions, again I was disappointed my a lack of response. It took a frustrated email to get an answer. Worse, I wasted a significant amount of time uploading metrics that had unclear and even faulty directives. But worse, when I asked how CM separated their metrics between monthly and annual payers, I learned they were lumped together. This is an absolutely incorrect, and to find out I had spent so much time gathering and manually calculating averages (which should be done automatically), I was frustrated. Most of all were the personal response from the CEO. After first expressing my disappointment over their responsiveness, I asked how I could correct data. It seems that there is no way to correct their faulty metrics, and rather than tell me how to correct it or admit the fault in their coding, they responded with this: "... it does sound as if ChartMogul (as both a product and service fit) might not be the right solution for your business, so it probably makes sense to look around for an alternative analytics vendor...... If you would like us to delete your account I can do this for you, or you could simply login and delete your Data source through the UI and this takes care of removing the data." If you aren't measuring what should be measured, admit it and promise to do better for your clients. Don't kick me to the curb without an explanation. I gave your product a solid effort with hours and hours of effort, and your response felt like you could have cared less.

What do you like best?

It gives you an idea of what your general trends are and the graphs are pretty.

What do you dislike?

It's based on flawed reasoning. They have data from their own client's data sources but it is not used properly.

Why did you end up selecting ChartMogul over other applications?

Because I was upset at the significant number of hours I wasted trying to upload data to their application and the results were wrong.

What is your ROI?

There is no ROI. The CEO suggested I cancel after I pointed out the data was flawed.

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We have our own metrics built into our own app that I think are better overall because we took into account monthly and annual payers. This is not difficult code to write. You might miss out on pretty graphs by not using CM, but graphs are only pictures of data. There is enough info out there to easily cobble this together in your own app.

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