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Circonus Feature Summary

  • Online data monitoring
  • Hosting included
  • Assess application performances
  • Fully scalable
  • 24/7 support
  • Demo version
  • Mobile friendly display
  • User dashboard
  • Real-time feeds
  • Custom reporting
  • View historical data
  • Store data for years
  • Auto-graphing
  • Risk management
  • Analyzes performances
  • Create alarts
  • Monitor networks
  • Alert history reports
  • Create the front-end
  • Video tutorials

Circonus Features In Depth

Configurable Dashboards

Circonus dashboards can be customized according to your organization’s unique monitoring requirements. Once done creating a dashboard, real-time information from different sources show up on your screen, filtered according to the rule sets and metrics that matter to you. Suitable for a variety of users, dashboards can be created by a developer to track and test software, by the NOC team for a consolidated view of the company's IT operations, by product managers to monitor key performance indicators during product launches, or by executives to view critical operations metrics correlated with business metrics.

Its dashboards are flexible in many ways. Graphs of varying sizes can be shown side by side, and if you want beacon maps or a status bar on the same page as those graphs, that’s possible, too. When creating a new dashboard, you can choose from predefined or existing layouts. The latter are dashboards saved into Circonus from other accounts. Dashboards can be set to private or shared with others in the account.

Circonus provides widgets corresponding to the type of information you want your dashboard to contain: graph, chart, gauge, text, cluster, HTML, list, alerts, status, and beacon. You can drag and drop them onto the main pane.


Circonus graphs are your windows into the status of your IT operations, as they visually represent the metrics that matter to your organization. When an issue or irregularity comes up, look at the graphs in your dashboard to understand what’s going on. Events can be seen in the same view as the actual data, and filters, such as analytic overlays, can be applied with just a few clicks to uncover an issue’s root cause. Timelines can be narrowed down to connect an issue with its impact on the business.

The software lets you create graphs from different data sources, from completely different monitoring systems and from across the business. You can even combine various check types on the same graph. Circonus does the math on the raw data collected, so it can provide data such as the amount of disk space left on a server or the rate at which a disk is filling up, among others. When creating graphs, data checks should have already been configured to select them from a list.


Because staying on top of your organization’s hardware and software performance is a must to consistently meet end-user demand, Circonus lets you create real-time alerts to notify you of any anomaly in your IT stack. Alerts are based on the thresholds and severities you specify, and once set up, contact groups can be added. Notifications are sent through SMS, email, apps like PagerDuty, VictorOps, and Jabber, or Internet Relay Chat.

Because of the calculations automatically made by the system, Circonus users can set up alerts on the rate of change to metrics, e.g., how quickly a queue is filling up or emptying, which is predictive and can be more meaningful than just threshold, value-based alerting.

Rulesets are added to your monitoring checks, and when certain thresholds are reached or configured rules are breached, alerts are triggered. Existing rulesets can be modified as necessary. Circonus also keeps track of alert histories.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning and utilization is all about balance. You want to have enough capacity to keep your operations running smoothly while not wasting money on excess resources. To accurately forecast and plan for capacity usage, visualizing the complete picture is a necessity. With Circonus, this can be done through real-time data coupled with historical information, both of which you can access on demand via a unified data platform.

Circonus stores actual – never averaged or rounded up – historical data for years. If you want to plan capacity for Thanksgiving weekend, for example, you have solid data going back years to base your decisions on. Also, its predictive analytics engine automatically adjusts projections based on your organization’s actual capacity usage.

Big Data Analytics

When IT professionals have the requisite amount of relevant data at their disposal, they’re able to make better, more informed decisions. As your data grows and becomes more complex, you become better at predicting capacity usage, end-user issues, network anomalies, application problems, and customer behaviors, allowing you to immediately and effectively put mitigating actions in place – provided you have the right monitoring and analytics tools.

Circonus’ highly scalable architecture is built to accommodate data from several different sources, all at the same time. It can store data for years, and the smart tools built into it, for example, graphs, dashboards, gauges, analytics overlays, anomaly detection, and others, allow you to filter through the massive data collected and create custom views that reflect just enough information to help you make intelligent decisions.

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Circonus Feature Reviews

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Rohit Jain

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Online data monitoring



Circonus creates security alerts whenever data reaches a certain level within your dashboard Trace individual transactions collecting a number of metric about block devices-We find it interesting to see calculus can be applied various state accounting metrics and clarify their relationships


Audit logs of user access slightly pricey but good software to recommend and use rest all looks good to me

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