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Real-time competitive intelligence software for SMBs

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CompeteShark overview

CompeteShark is a competitive intelligence software that offers digital marketers a single and central platform from which to monitor content changes, A/B tests & performance levels of competing brands. Incorporating real-time tracking and reporting technology, CompeteShark aims to provide users with an effective competitive intelligence solution.

Designed to present users with valuable competitive insight, CompeteShark identifies and reports on applied changes to websites of digital competitors. Utilizing real-time tracking tools, CompeteShark automates and thereby simplifies the process of competitive intelligence monitoring.

As well as reporting current metrics, CompeteShark allows users to analyze important changes previously implemented by competitors. With historical data, users can gain insight into dips in past conversion rates by reviewing competitor activity during that period. To further enhance the user-experience, CompeteShark sends daily email reports and notifications to update users easily.


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CompeteShark features

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Business Intelligence
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Key features of CompeteShark

  • A/B testing tracking
  • Summary reports
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Email notifications
  • Automatic notifications
  • Tracking features
  • Activity tracking
  • Activity monitoring
  • Real time analytics
  • Web analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • Real time data
  • Real time monitoring
  • Business analysis
  • Campaign analysis
  • Campaign planning
  • Activity management
  • Activity dashboard
  • Brand calendar
  • Knowledge base
  • Heatmaps
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CompeteShark automates the process of competitive intelligence tracking, saving users’ time manually browsing competing websites.

CompeteShark offers a web-based solution, affording users the flexibility to access information and receive updates on the move.

CompeteShark sends daily email reports and notifications, conveniently updating users on current changes.

CompeteShark includes real-time tracking technology, providing users with up-to-date competitive insight into content changes, A/B tests and performance levels of competing brands.

CompeteShark supports HEAP analytics, allowing users to organize and analyze their competitive data easily and efficiently.