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DataCycle Reporting

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DataCycle Reporting overview

What is DataCycle Reporting?

DataCycle Reporting is an easy-to-use, Excel-based reporting solution. It saves hours of wasted effort by automating many activities associated with manual Excel reporting. End-user reporting is easy with the built-in query wizard and report designer. It automatically extracts data from databases and accounting and ERP systems and then formats this information into graphically rich, pixel-perfect Excel reports. The built-in work planner automates report and alert generation and delivery via email or Web.

Excel automation made easy. The DataCycle Reporting software platform is an Excel automation solution that provides a full range of reports, from detailed operational reports for department heads to visually rich dashboard solutions for executives and decision-makers.

Unlimited user licensing. End users of DataCycle Reporting only need Excel. There is no software to install on the end user computer - not even any Excel add ins. And, there are no per-user fees.

Powerful business intelligence with the familiarity of Excel. Gain insight into your business by combining data from one or more data sources into dynamic, scheduled Excel reports. Individual reports can be simple charts or advanced dashboards with multiple charts, graphs and gauges combined into a single view.

DataCycle Reporting is an easy-to-use business intelligence, reporting and Excel Automation solution. It is a feature-rich solution that offers the ease-of-use of Excel with the power of business intelligence reporting platform.
- 100% Excel: users love the simple and familiar interface, so there’s no need for end-user training.
- Unlimited user licensing: your company only needs Excel - no add-ins or plug-ins and no license costs per end user.
- Scheduled, automatically generated reports: end user reporting can be set up daily, weekly, or monthly - whenever decision-makers need the information.
- Automatic alerting: data monitoring helps you stay ahead of trends and opportunities by automatically notifying users about critical situations.
- Native support for many common report formats: Excel - of course - but also native PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, and Access.
- Access to virtually any data source via ODBC: data can be stored in Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, AS400 or many other ERP systems and databases.
- Easily combine data from disparate sources into a single report: automated access pulls data from all sources into a unique information channel for business intelligence reports in Excel.
- Easily reuse existing Excel reports: DataCycle Reporting allows you to develop standardized reports using your existing corporate layouts and formats.
- Support for OLAP cubes: data is manipulated and analyzed from different perspectives using Excel pivot tables.


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Vincent E.

Data Cycle Reporting

Reviewed 2010-11-16
Review Source: Capterra

good for a go-fast approach to get something working

-very flexible -output in Excel

-relies too much on Excel macros -SQL formatting does not support tab, LF, or CR characters

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ApeSoft offers two purchasing options, a traditional on-premise license and a subscription on-premise license. Contact us for more details. UNLIMITED USER LICENSING!

DataCycle Reporting features

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Key features of DataCycle Reporting

  • 100% Excel
  • Unlimited user licensing
  • Scheduled, automatically generated reports
  • Automatic, threshold-based alerting
  • Native support for many common report formats
  • Access to virtually any data source via ODBC
  • Combine data from multiple sources into a single report
  • Easily reuse existing Excel reports
  • Support for OLAP cubes
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DataCycle Reporting from ApeSoft offers the power of a complete business intelligence platform with the familiarity of Excel. With Unlimited User Licensing, you never have to worry about adding new licenses as you add new users. End Users only need Excel. As a complete Excel Automation platform, you will save countless hours of manually updating and distributing reports in Excel.