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dcsion is a web-based decision platform that helps companies make better decisions faster in a secure decision environment. Increase participation and benefit from artificial intelligence. Access dcsion anytime and anywhere to reduce time-absorbing meetings and accelerate decisions.

dcsion provides a smart and user-friendly way to enable effective and efficient decisions. The entire decision-making process is supported by a step by step approach, which is based on intuitive templates and an extensive decision support system. Whenever a decision is made, there are multiple courses of action to choose from. Out of the box, dcsion provides hundreds of pre-defined decision templates and thousands of decision options and objectives to help find the right one. Alternatively, users can create their own options and goals using the dcsion interface.


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dcsion screenshot: Make decisions from anywhere, on any devicedcsion screenshot: Streamlined decision processdcsion screenshot: Rate alternatives based on the defined objectives to make an educated decision

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Simon Pinell

Intuitive and easy to use

Used weekly for 6-12 months
Reviewed 2018-09-27
Review Source: Capterra

dcsion is intuitive and easy to use. I think the entire decision making process is a huge advantage to structure all aspects of a decision.

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dcsion features

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Key features of dcsion

  • Digital decision process
  • Assessment management
  • Business analysis
  • Business intelligence
  • Goal setting / tracking
  • Milestone tracking
  • Mobile integration
  • Prioritizing
  • Project templates
  • Strategic planning
  • Template management
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Evaluate and Prioritize Alternatives - dcsion supports the determination of relevant decision factors, and thereafter, enables profound assessments. These assessments then lay the foundation for the ranking of alternatives.

Create decision transparency - Fully understand and shape the decision logic of the business and organization.

Increase decision efficiency - Optimize the allocation of decision resources and accelerate decision processes.

Enable all different types of decisions - Based on the user's preferences, they can use dcsion for individual or group-based decisions. In a group-based format, users additionally benefit from direct interaction with other team members.

Substantiate decisions - Conduct a sensitivity analysis and increase the understanding of decision impacts. Experiment with variations of relevant objectives as well as alternatives and test and prove the robustness of the final decision.