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Dundas BI

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Dundas BI overview

Dundas BI is a web-based BI tool that allows users to connect, interact and visualize their data through interactive dashboards and reports. Known for their beautiful visualizations and out-of-the-box interactivity, Dundas BI is designed on a fully open API architecture that's adaptable to fit anyone's needs.

Dundas BI supports data preparation and integration, reporting, dashboards and analysis exactly the way you need it. Through full API support, plug-ins and in-app scripting, Dundas BI is extensible, in and out, and can be easily integrated and embedded into existing systems, applications and administration. The ability to seamlessly integrate Dundas BI into existing systems and the depth of the capabilities is what allows the platform users to fully achieve their exact vision.

The built-in reporting capabilities, allow users to create structured BI reports and exports, print or share them with end-users. The platform is based on latest web standards such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 which makes it compatible with most of the browsers available across desktops and mobile devices. The solution also supports R/Python programming language which allows users to write their own codes in R or Python language for uncovering patterns across the large data sets and predicting trends.

Dundas BI can be easily deployed on-premises or via your preferred cloud hosting provider. Using a best of both worlds approach, Dundas BI combines the strengths of IT-led solutions, such as governance, scheduling and data modeling, and the strengths of Business Self-Service solutions, such as easy-to-use interactive visualizations, collaboration and on-the-fly data blending.


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United States, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle-East and Africa

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Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German and 4 other languages, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Dundas BI screenshot: Dundas BI offers customizable & powerful data visualization capabilitiesDundas BI OverviewDundas BI screenshot: Make better decisions with real-time data Dundas BI screenshot: View results and add notes in Dundas BIDundas BI screenshot: Generate and display results in slideshows or storytelling mode using Dundas BIDundas BI screenshot: Dundas BI dashboard offers an intuitive drag & drop interfaceDundas BI screenshot: Dundas BI maps helps you visualize data via color-coded shadesDundas BI screenshot: Visualize the data you need for faster insights and better decisionsDundas BI screenshot: Dundas BI offers flexible scorecards

Dundas BI reviews

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Luis Silva

Explore, analyze and get fast insights of your data in an easy and fast way using Dundas BI.

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2016-10-12
Review Source: Capterra

I've been working in Business Intelligence for quite a long time and in the beginning it was hard to explore data and show information in form of data visualizations for the end users. Since I discovered Dundas BI, this task turned to be much more simple and easy to achieve! Dundas Bi has an IDE for developing Dashboards, Reports and Scorecards that uses the last technologies in web applications developments which makes your life simplier. The smart drag and drop design tools, the rich set of data visualizations customizable to the lowermost detail, the style and themes feature, turns possible to create rich and interactive dashboards in a breeze! Dundas BI comes with an ETL (Export , Transform and Load) layer, where you can clean and prepare your data, this is done using a canvas where you can drag your tables from a data source, choose the columns you want, aggregate them, join with other tables, filter and a lot of interesting features regarding the ETL process. It connects to a lot of data sources: Oracle, Microsoft SqlServer, Excel files, ... It is a collaborative tool, with scheduled reports, based on a metric or not, you can even annotate data points, writing a comment on it in a way that others can see and respond to it! Every view can be exported to excel, pdf, image and even powerpoint. The management of the software is in the form all in one! every thing is done in the application, from user creation object permissions, overall configuration, project exporting/importing and management!The drag and drop feature for creating views is a very productive feature. The ETL is also great, it's easy to use and, for more advanced users, it evens permits to write direct sql against tha data source you choose. Regarding performance it has two possibilities, you can cache in memory or in DBI data warehouse. The collaborative feature of this tool is a must to have feature, I specially like the data driven notification option that could alert you by email when a specific metric goes behind a threshold or state.

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Marin Todinov

A steep learning curve, with great reward at the end of it.

Reviewed 2015-09-25
Review Source: Software Advice

Dundas is a conglomeration of expertly coded dashboard development tools and infrastructures. The thing I like most about Dundas is that they are very helpful, the gentleman assigned to me to educate me in the ways of Dundas, was one I will never forget to this day, he was calm, helpful, understanding and with his help I learned Dundas in no time. I like the way Dundas structure's its Dashboard development, it starts with virtual tables, where the programmer can manually or automatically generate SQL queries, these queries are then used for the basis of adding statistical flavour to the Dashboard, the way this is done is very straight forward. Dundas has a steep unforgiving learning curve, but when you master the fundamentals, the sky really is the limit. Also their support service is world class, the representatives will assist you in any way they can, they will help you understand what the issue you are facing is and provide a resolution. If they cant help you via email, they will 'WebEx' you, i.e skype call with 2 way screen control. Everything in Dundas is customizable, charts, graphs and other statistical data can be glossed up and made to look as simple or as plush as the user envisions. You can add formulae, trend analysis and other key statistical methods are employed by Dundas. They have charts for Finance, Risk analysis and other key statistical methodologies. All of these charts can be jazzed up with scripts so that you can Drill down and filter through the data you want in order to get the right Business Intelligence feel to your work. Dundas supports the Data Cube, It supports Microsoft, Oracle, MySQL, EXCEL, it has export capabilities onto Excel, so those clients which prefer their data in Spreadsheets can manually export directly from the dashboard. Everything in Dundas is designed to give you the most professional feel possible at all times!

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Zaman Agha

Dundas embodies data visulization

Used daily for free trial
Reviewed 2017-10-13
Review Source: Software Advice

I think overall, I would not rule out Dundas, even with it's so called quirks. Dundas staff showed very much that they listen to users, even those that haven't purchased and have taken my criticisms to heart. Since we're not talking about a 2017 Toyota car or whatever, I feel it's important to note the constant evolution of any progressive software company. The complaints stated could be obsolete in a mere few weeks. Dundas seems to really understand the need of handling big data and the tools needed to process these overwhelming mountains of 1's and 0's into actionable data. While working with the demo of Dundas I was able to create a very helpful tree-map that showed me the dissection of purchases comparatively from vendor to vendor to evaluate our performance or "loyalty" per vendor by item category and so on.

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Mohammad Khalili

End to End Enterprise BI Solution

Reviewed 2016-11-01
Review Source: GetApp

I used Dundas BI for almost the last two years, Dundas BI is Enterprise end to end solution where you can connect to your data through wide range of data sources available and the ability to add extra data sources through its open API, Dundas BI contain embedded ETL engine to transform the data and it allows for multiple data access options (Datawarehouse, In memory analysis and direct connection to data). by using Dundas BI you can build your dashboards, reports and scorecard with friendly interface and with rich library of visualization charts from bar and pie charts and ending with relationship chart and histogram chart. Also Dundas BI allow business users to do their self service analysis with referring back to IT people, I cannot forget their customer support, they have well trained team to support their customers from incidents and issues and service request like helping us in writing Java codes to do amazing things in the solution. The tools is completely open and it is build over JS and HTML5, this is so amazing since Dundas BI is fully supported on mobiles with all mobile features like pinch to zoom and others. As Dundas BI have full Java and .Net APIs then it is very easy to integrated Dundas and embedded it in other portals and it has out the box integration with SharePoint.Flexible tool where you can do what ever you want, I beleive that 95% of use cases can be build in Dundas BI as quick-wins and the rest is possible through JS and HTML5.

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Kris Brady

Comprehensive BI = Dundas BI

Reviewed 2015-10-01
Review Source: Software Advice

Dundas BI is the most comprehensive BI platform available (trust me, we looked at BI products for almost a year before choosing DBI). Our three main criteria when selecting a BI platform for our clients were visualizations, reports and mobile. DBI covers all three criteria (with a codicil that will show up in the "What I like least" section) and the licensing costs are reasonable. Key features that are crazy cool: 1) DBI is data-source agnostic, 2) the scripting capability allows developers to do just about anything, 3) DBI is based on HTML5 technology (other well-known BI products are based on proprietary and/or outdated technology) and 4) the DBI support team (including the development team) provides excellent customer service. For us, as a small software company, there is always the chance to second-guess the selection of a BI product. This was a critical decision for us as the BI software we deploy to our clients will directly impact the viability of our organization and our ability to stay relevant in the coming years. It is a testament to the DBI product and the Dundas team that the answer to the question "Did we select the right software?" is always a resounding "Yes".

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Dundas BI features

Activity Dashboard
Ad hoc Reporting
Business Intelligence
Customizable Reporting
Dashboard Creation
Data Filtering
Data Import/Export
Data Visualization
Drag & Drop Interface
Graphical Data Presentation
Multiple Data Sources
Real Time Analytics
Real Time Data
Reporting & Statistics
Third Party Integration
Visual Analytics

Monitoring (64 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (47 other apps)

Security and privacy


Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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Additional information for Dundas BI

Key features of Dundas BI

  • Activity dashboard
  • Ad hoc reporting tools
  • Full open API support
  • Business intelligence tools
  • Communication and collaboration tools
  • Customize charts and tables
  • Design and customize reports
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Customizable data visualizations
  • Export data in multiple formats
  • Smart drag and drop tools
  • Visualize data through maps
  • Interactive reports
  • Predictive and advanced data analytics
  • Interactive scorecard designer
  • Single sign on
  • Third party integration
  • Web integration
  • Slideshows and storytelling modes
  • KPI monitoring
  • Real time data retrieval
  • Embedded BI and analytics
  • End-to-end extensibility
  • Smart visualizations
  • Latest web standards
  • OLAP
  • Data Discovery
  • Templates and Themes
  • Email Alerts
  • REST, JavaScript, .Net
  • Ad hoc self service Analytics
  • Drag and Drop data exploration
  • Usage tracking
  • Connections to all common sources
  • Data prep layer
  • Rich visual interface
  • Mobile ready
  • Direct or pre-fetched data extracts
  • Multi page reports and formulas
  • Global projects for collaboration
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• Smart Visualizations – Automatically visualize your data in different ways and interact with it without having to go through data preparation steps

• End-to-End Extensibility – One agile application that auto-adapts to the user skills, covering your BI needs from data prep to presentation and self-service, all on open API

• The Platform - Based on HTML5 technology, which allows users to visualize their data from any web browser on desktops or any mobile device.

• Embedded BI and Analytics – Integrate into other applications and create your own multi-tenant white labeled solution, offering your customers a superior experience

• Any Data Source - Users can connect to and integrate any data source such as OLAP, Excel, Big Data sources, relational databases, web services or even simple text files for data analytics.