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Google Analytics reporting tool for businesses & advertisers

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EmbeddedAnalytics overview

What is EmbeddedAnalytics?

EmbeddedAnalytics is a cloud-based software that helps websites to create Google Analytics dashboards and embeds them into their sites. The application is primarily targeted at agencies, advertisers, freelance bloggers, SEM/SEO practitioners, content management businesses and directory/listing websites.

EmbeddedAnalytics is a reporting tool that helps to create and embed charts and dashboards into websites without the need for any server-side scripting and programming. The tool uses OAuth2.0 to access Google Analytics API and offers over 15 embeddable widgets including bar charts, line charts, pie charts, geo-maps and other real-time analytics.

The application helps to automate agency reporting, integrates dashboards with customer portals, iPhone & Android apps as well as pulls data from multiple sources to create reports. The software integrates with popular services such as Facebook, Twitter and MailChimp and can combine KPIs from multiple sources into one dashboard. The tool is able to upload external data and include it in reports, which are customizable to meet complex reporting needs. Other reporting features include report automation, emailing and interactive report configuration.

EmbeddedAnalytics is built on PHP/Apache platform and is hosted on EC2 and S3 Amazon Web Services data centers. The vendor offers different pricing plans for agencies, businesses, websites and advertisers and is used by websites including WordPress, Blogger, Digaworks, HSM, SummerCamps.com and GoldPrice.


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EmbeddedAnalytics screenshot: Multiple chart types such as line charts, pie charts, bar charts and geo-maps are supported by the productEmbeddedAnalytics screenshot: Real-time reporting features capture the number of visitors on the website, their browsing location and other informationEmbeddedAnalytics screenshot: Reports from Google Analytics can embedded directly into the client websiteEmbeddedAnalytics screenshot: Users can style widgets to conform with the site's layoutEmbeddedAnalytics screenshot: The embedded dashboard contains many reporting elements and objectsEmbeddedAnalytics screenshot: The embedded stats widget displays up to ten metrics and offers complete control over stylingEmbeddedAnalytics screenshot: The TopContent widget works best for blog sites and displays the most popular pagesEmbeddedAnalytics screenshot: Real time geo-maps are updated every ten seconds and show the geographic location of website visitors

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EmbeddedAnalytics pricing

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Site/Advertiser - $2 per month
Business - $8 per month
Agency/Enterprise - $40 per month

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EmbeddedAnalytics features

Activity Dashboard
Customizable Reporting
Dashboard Creation
Data Import/Export
Real Time Data
Third Party Integration
Visual Analytics

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Key features of EmbeddedAnalytics

  • Embeddable widgets
  • Multiple website management
  • Create charts
  • Conversion tracking
  • Customized Google Analytics reports
  • Customizable templates
  • Emailing support
  • Real time reporting
  • Referral tracking
  • Reporting
  • Link with other applications
  • Time tracking on website
  • Website integration
  • Private dashboards
  • Keyword tracking
  • Visual editor
  • KPI charts
  • Pull data from multiple accounts
  • Interactive reporting
  • Embedded dashboards
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• EmbeddedAnalytics is a tool that helps to create and embed Google Analytics dashboards and charts into websites. The software is used by bloggers, marketing agencies, advertisers and other website owners.

• The application accesses Analytics' API using OAuth2.0, thereby freeing the customer from having to log on to his/her Google Analytics account every time.

• The software is highly customizable, offers 15 different embeddable widgets and is affordably priced, starting at $2 per month.

• EnbeddedAnalytics provides real-time visitor data, geo-maps for visitor locations and can be accessed on all types of web browsers.

• Users can perform client-side queries for a specific page, create multiple dashboards and style them according to their existing website design and requirements.