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Gitalytics overview

What is Gitalytics?

Gitalytics is an engineering insights and analytics platform that transforms raw data, gathered from repos, tickets and code reviews, into actionable insights. Businesses can gain valuable insights into their engineering activity in order to proactively provide feedback to teams and management, add context to data, understand team dynamics, and take action earlier on issues that have the potential to turn into larger problems.

Gitalytics transforms thousands of data points, including repos, code reviews, and tickets from Git, into actionable insights. The cloud-based Gitalyics tool is designed to help engineering leaders bring out the best in their engineers and teams using objective and proactive information from a unified platform. Leaders are able to gain visibility into what's happening with their teams and the code base in real time, and are able to act quickly on process breakdowns that could hinder the team. Insight presented within Gitalytics, such as data on the lifecycle of code over time, deliverables of remote teams, impact of company events on teams, engineer performance, and more, allow users to provide feedback to teams and plan resources more effectively.

Gitalytics is built for software engineering teams, and for leaders who work on improving engineering processes. The platform connects to GitHub, GitLabs, Bitbucket, Jira and other systems, so there is no need to change any engineering processes as the Gitalytics platform can be integrated into current workflows. Unlike other analytics tools, Gitalytics is designed specifically for software engineering teams, which enables users to focus solely on managing, monitoring, and improving their engineering workforce.


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Gitalytics screenshot: Add context to data by analyzing custom events based on the team's needsGitalytics Engineering Insights PlatformGitalytics screenshot: Make decisions from data with deep insight into specific metricsGitalytics screenshot: Understand team dynamics with reports on contributor performanceGitalytics screenshot: Set up custom alerts to inform users when inconsistencies occurGitalytics Demo

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Gitalytics features

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Key features of Gitalytics

  • Reporting/analytics
  • Code refactoring
  • Web app development
  • Software development
  • Code-free development
  • Leave & absence reporting
  • Goal management
  • Employee awards
  • Data filtering
  • Permission management
  • Real time analytics
  • Real time monitoring
  • Activity dashboard
  • Data transformation
  • Visual analytics
  • Alerts / escalation
  • Dashboard creation
  • Filtered views
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Risk analytics
  • Access control
  • Performance reports
  • Email alerts
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See analysis dashboards focused on key engineering metrics such as throughput, churn, commits, work schedules, active pairings, code ownership, and more, for fast analysis of what's happening within the team and codebase.

Filter throughout the system on repositories, teams, contributors, time periods, and file types to hone in on what's happening in different aspects of the team.

The pull request dashboard covers the overall health of opened, merged, and closed. Businesses can use this dashboard for making sure pull requests are reviewed quickly, by appropriately senior engineers, and can identify inconsistencies with the organization's process.

Events can be used for adding context to data. Add in custom events based on the team's needs, as small as someone taking a sick day to as big as a team restructure. This way, leadership can objectively see how these events affect team and individual work patterns.

Alerts help management to keep an eye on the codebase and team for process inconsistencies, or issues that can become problems quickly. Alerts are customizable based on the organization's needs and can be sent to Slack in real time, and sent via email on a weekly and daily basis.