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VueData overview

What is VueData?

VUEDATA is the only visualization tool that lets your website users visualize the site's Google Analytics Data without the need to log in to your Google analytics account to view the statistics.

VUEDATA uses the Google Analytics authsub protocol to access the Analytics. You can choose the dimensions and metrics for the data. You can also use segments and filters for specific reports. A list of visualizations are available which can be altered by setting different parameters. Finally copy the automatically created code which can be placed and embedded anywhere on your or your clients website.

Marketing Manager or Agency?
Impress your clients with easy graphical viewing of the site's statistics. They won't need to log into your Analytics account. For example if you have a music website, you can create visualization for a music page which shows how many times the music track played, time spent by users on that page etc.. VUEDATA also lets you to manage visualizations for multiple websites


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Free Trial of the full program. No obligation. Then you can choose the monthly subscription of $24.95 /month, which you can cancel at any time.

VueData features


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Additional information for VueData

Key features of VueData

  • Reporting of any multiple Google Analytics accounts
  • Easily create visualizations and customize the charts.
  • Embed the visualization code in any webpages
  • In-depth analysis of data
  • Extract data from any number of Google Analytics profiles
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Pre-defined segments are available for specific reports
  • Create different reports. Combine dimensions and metrices
  • Filter results by a custom filter and date range selector
  • Unlimited storage. No bandwidth charges.
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Users can embed data sets from the dashboard. VUEDATA works with Google Analytics Visualization Tools in a unique way to present your data. Multi visualizations can be chosen. Examples are piechart, area chart, geomap and many, many more which you can save to your dashboard for future use.