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Logi Info

Platform for creating rich, embedded analytic applications.

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Logi Info overview

To boost analytics adoption, the Info platform provides the extensibility to meet evolving requirements and match your brand, the embeddability to deliver information in the context in which people work, and the self-service capabilities to address different users' roles and skills.

We empower companies to embed analytics into the fabric of your organization and products - enabling anyone to analyze data, share insights, and make informed decisions. We empower companies to create genius analytic applications that are purpose-built to users unique roles and skills, delivered in the context of where users already work, and infused within existing workflows and security models.


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Logi Info reviews

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Customer support
Mike LaLonde

Logi Ananlytics Fails fto support security updates

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-11-08
Review Source: Software Advice

While the product Logi Info has more horsepower than we needed and costs more than we should have spent to develop reports, once it's set it works well. The huge downside for us and the reason we had to leave Logi is that the support team was unable to resolve a security requirement enforced from our data source (Salesforce - TLS 1.1 encryption). The support team spent more than 2 months to try and resolve and was unable to resolve during that time. We had bought into the product and was able to develop what we needed with the help of one of their premier partners, dbSeer. However looking back, the costs were too much and the development method employed may have been the reason we were unable to meet what should have been a simple security requirement. Unfortunately we lost out in a big way by terminating our relationship in advance of the contract expiration and lost out on what to us is a large sum of money. On top of that Logi support required us to purchase additional software in hopes to remedy the situation but it didn’t and we were unable to get a refund. All said and done, Logi refused to refund the amounts we believed through their failures was due to us. So all in all were not happy that we had to quickly scramble to get another solution in place before the security requirement expired. The only good side is that Salesforce gave us multiple grace periods which was so helpful so we could find something else that would work for us. A small non-profit that we are probably made a bad decision in the first place partnering with Logi. Partly our fault but when it came to being there for us and taking responsibility Logi left us in the cold. It can do anything you want it to do with ones data as long as you don't mind the development costs.

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Logi Info

Platform for creating rich, embedded analytic applications.

Steve Baker

LOGI Info is a GREAT product

Used daily for 2+ years
Reviewed 2017-04-20
Review Source: Capterra

LOGI has a great support team. They have been helpful in developing and deploying several web applications. It is a good tool.The support team bends over backward to make sure my products work as designed.

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Logi Info

Platform for creating rich, embedded analytic applications.

Brett Huber

Logi Review

Reviewed 2017-04-20
Review Source: Capterra

overall satisfied with logi. We have had some quality issues the past few SSRM releases where existing visuals have broke when upgrading with no work around. This has led us to be very cautious with upgrades as it seems like every release existing visuals have been broken upon upgrade.

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Logi Info

Platform for creating rich, embedded analytic applications.

Mark Chodos

Makor Review

Reviewed 2017-04-20
Review Source: Capterra

Great working with the updated product. looking forward to more integration with Discovery and SSRM

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Logi Info

Platform for creating rich, embedded analytic applications.

Logi Info pricing

Pricing options
Free trial
One-time license

Logi Analytics works with organizations of all sizes across a wide range of use cases to create, share, and benefit from analytics. Logi Info starts at $16k but varies widely based on the size of deployment.

Contact Logi Analytics to learn how they can help you harness the power of Logi Info to meet your business goals.

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Logi Info Pricing Reviews

  • It can do anything you want it to do with ones data as long as you don't mind the development costs.
  • Complicated relationships with data sources that make it very expensive to maintain and support gave up on us when we needed them the most.
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Logi Info features


Activity Dashboard (83 other apps)
Ad hoc Reporting (57 other apps)
Business Analysis (39 other apps)
Business Intelligence (89 other apps)
Customizable Reporting (63 other apps)
Dashboard Creation (71 other apps)
Data Filtering (54 other apps)
Data Import/Export (64 other apps)
Data Visualization (87 other apps)
Drag & Drop Interface (46 other apps)
Graphical Data Presentation (41 other apps)
Monitoring (58 other apps)
Real Time Analytics (76 other apps)
Real Time Data (59 other apps)
Real Time Reporting (46 other apps)
Reporting & Statistics (62 other apps)
Third Party Integration (51 other apps)
Visual Analytics (83 other apps)

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Encryption of sensitive data at rest
HTTPS for all pages

Access control

Multi-factor authentication options

Data policy

Data backup in multiple locations/GEO regions
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GetApp Analysis

Logi Info is a business analytics and visualization platform that provides businesses of all sizes the power to embed, customize, and provide self-service analytics to their end users. The platform enables you to tailor analytical experiences to the unique roles and skills of every individual, while at the same time balancing your business' needs for rapid time to value with your IT team's need to maintain data quality and security.

Equipped with an easy, customizable drag-and-drop user interface, applications you create within Logi Info can be embedded into many third-party business tools, such as SugarCRM, for example, making them a seamless part of your existing tools and workflows. All Logi Info applications are responsive and can be accessed from any device.

Logi Info employs role-based access controls and provides varying security levels to your data: row-level, column-level, and even security for each of your various visualizations, so you can deliver efficient reporting and analysis.

What is Logi Info?

Logi Info is a comprehensive and intuitive application platform that provides business intelligence capabilities to a whole spectrum of self-service analytics users.

Consumers, who make up majority of an organization’s workforce, are those who want quick insights into the key performance indicators they work with, including the ability to get down to the nitty-gritty of the data that matter to them and customize their data views depending on what makes sense to them. Ultimately, Logi Info allows them to make informed decisions based on accurate, vetted data.

For creators, or those that build new dashboards and reports, Logi Info provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop environment where they can choose datasets from a variety of data sources. Analysts are afforded the freedom to explore and ask questions about their data, and uncover new insights via best-fit visualizations pushed by the app’s recommendation engine.

Who is Logi Info for?

  • Experience level: Beginner to advanced
  • Industry: All industries
  • Business size: Small businesses to large enterprises
  • Departments/roles: Data analysts, reports creators and aggregators, managers, other business users
  • Budget/point: Contact the Logi Analytics team for more information.
  • Example customers: Time Warner Cable, Marriott, NYU, FedEx, GoDaddy, and Coca-Cola

Main features

Dashboards and Self-Service Reports

The Logi Info user interface looks very much like Excel, and data is presented in tabular format, which shows exactly what type of data users are looking at. The self-service reporting module allows end users to run ad hoc queries without IT help, visualize data using tools like waterfall charts and bar graphs, and build dashboards and reports based on the results.

Because Logi Info can connect to a wide range of data sources, it consolidates all of your data in a single console and can blend them together to create synthesized, holistic, and personalized data visualizations that are both engaging and interactive. Visualizations can come in the form of heat maps, data tables with in-cell graphics, geographic maps, gauges, and cross-tab reports, among others.

Embedded Analytics

For increased user adoption and engagement, Logi Info gives you the ability to embed data and analytics into the applications you already use, making actionable intelligence a natural component of your transactional workflows. This you can do with absolutely no coding.

Through web service APIs, Logi Info also lets you create bi-directional data flows between applications, and its extensible architecture allows you to include custom scripts to your visualizations.

Data Preparation and Performance

Logi Info’s data virtualization product, Logi DataHub, connects to various data sources, such as on-premise databases, cloud applications like Eloqua, Salesforce, HubSpot, and QuickBooks Online, and files like Excel and CSV files on your local computer, and then caches all that data in one centralized repository for fine-tuning and blending.

Once data sources are specified, you’re ready to create data views, unify your datasets, manipulate multi-part data, generate reports, and build dashboards. DataHub’s smart profiling feature automatically identifies data formats and types. Fetched data is refreshed according to the schedule you indicate.

Information Portals

Because Logi Info functions as that one hub for all data hubs, it aggregates data from a multitude of sources in one place, so users can quickly and easily extract actionable information to help them get things done. Security restrictions, such as role-based access controls, ensure the data provided to them coincides with the established access permissions granted to them.

Logi Info’s flexible framework also allows for information portals that you can customize at will – not only with the data you choose to showcase but also with the colors, logo, and the portals’ overall look and feel. This white-labeling capability gives software vendors and other web service providers the opportunity to offer Logi Info as an add-on to the menu of products and services they provide to their clients.

Interactive Mobile Apps

Logi Info applications are provided to all users as standard HTML5 output, which means they adapt to whatever device users access the applications from, including Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.

Applications are also embeddable within native mobile apps, and they function the same way browser-based applications do.


Logi Info integrates with the following: relational databases – SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL; big data – Amazon Redshift, HP Vertica, MongoDB, Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MAPR Web Services; cloud apps – Salesforce, Google Analytics, Marketo, Twitter, and LinkedIn; and flat files – Excel.

Logi Info also carries an API.


More info about pricing can be obtained from the Logi Analytics sales team.

Bottom line

  • Cloud-based business intelligence platform for self-service analytics
  • Serves the needs of a range of users, from business information consumers to dashboards and reports creators, to data analysts
  • Applications and visualizations that can be customized and embedded into the third-party tools you already use
  • Applications that are responsive to keep the user experience intact regardless of the device they use
  • Connects with multiple data sources and integrates with a variety of third-party business apps

Videos and tutorials

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Key features of Logi Info

  • Rapid Development
  • Interactive Visualizations
  • Connect to Any Data Source
  • Flexible Security
  • Lightweight Web Architecture
  • Customization


Create and evolve faster by using our agile, web-based design and pre-built elements and ongoing product improvement
Embed self-service deeper than data discovery tools by providing analytics that are integrated with your existing security model and infused within your existing workflows

Partner for success with the #1 OEM vendor in the market according to Gartner in 2016

Put your brand first with complete white-labeling to ensure your brand is at the core of the customer experience