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Questica OpenBook overview

Questica OpenBook is a transparency and data visualization software which enables public sector organizations, including local governments, colleges, universities, schools, hospitals and nonprofits, to communicate financial and non-financial data conveniently online through information pop-ups, charts and graphs.

Designed to offer flexibility and simplicity, Questica OpenBook provides users with an intuitive platform from which to communicate data with anyone, at any time. Mobile access gives users the opportunity to manage and share data on the move through their smartphones. Questica OpenBook’s centralized platform allows users to import, sort and filter data, as well as display data in interactive charts, tables, bars or graphs, before sharing results through websites or social media channels.


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Questica OpenBook screenshot: Display data in interactive charts, tables, bars and graphsQuestica OpenBook: Open your data to the futureQuestica OpenBook screenshot: Searching, filtering and sorting tools allow users to locate the right informationQuestica OpenBook screenshot: Build transparency and trust by communicating data visuallyQuestica OpenBook screenshot: Access data through any platform, including smartphonesQuestica OpenBook screenshot: Utilize advanced search feature to find information quicklyQuestica OpenBook screenshot: Generate summary reports by category Questica OpenBook screenshotQuestica OpenBook screenshot

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Pricing options
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Questica OpenBook reviews

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Questica OpenBook features

Data Filtering
Data Visualization
Graphical Data Presentation

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Additional information for Questica OpenBook

Key features of Questica OpenBook

  • Data visualization
  • Graphical data presentation
  • Data transparency
  • Data management
  • Interactive charts
  • Descriptive text
  • Information pop-ups
  • Charts, graphs & tables
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Data sorting & filtering
  • Tabular data import
  • Chart embedding on websites
  • Online training
  • Guided tours
  • Zoom capabilities
  • Social data sharing
  • Questica Budget integration
  • Summary reporting
  • Historical analysis
  • Budget tracking
  • Percentage tracking
  • Mobile access


Users have the flexibility to import and utilize any tabular data.

Advanced search functionality, filtering, and sorting tools help users locate information quickly and easily.

Questica OpenBook allows users to display data in interactive charts, tables, bars and graphs for complete data transparency.

Users can communicate data by embedding charts on websites, or sharing data through social media.

Questica OpenBook supports integration with other Questica solutions, including Questica Budget.